Oct 5, 2016

Day 5 and 6

Day 5. We took a 2 hour dolphin tour. We got to see probably 25 different dolphins I think. It's hard to tell how many exactly of course. Here is Jeremiah all loaded on the boat and ready for fun...

Here are some of the dolphins we found...
It was a very nice trip. We really enjoyed it a lot. After that we stopped at a new to us restaurant. It was really yummy.

Day 6. By now we are officially worried about the Hurricane Matthew. He is bound and determined to interfere with our trip. But we took the day and went to Roanoke Island Aquarium. They had done a lot of renovations since we had been there last October so we were really looking forward to seeing what they had done. They made a lot of new tech additions. Movie screens here and there. Some decoration changes. It was really nice to see them doing so well. Here we are enjoying the touch tank...
I had been paying attention to the weather of course. For those who know me they know I'm a major weather geek. Hurricane Matthew is hitting hard in Florida and then South Carolina. More and more scary for Myrtle Beach area which we had decided to move to Friday. The mayor delayed the mandatory evacuation for hotel guests today but I figured I would call just to check. One hotel was full so we were staying at another one next day for 3 days. I figured with the storm they would have cancellations so  maybe we could just get the one room instead. Nope the hotel is evacuating guests starting tomorrow. Called the hotel we were supposed to stay at for the weekend. They were evacuating today! So guess our trip to Myrtle Beach will just have to wait till Monday. Luckily we were able to keep our room here in OBX until then. Plus even though the weather is supposed to be not exactly perfect we are safe and sound here. Stormy weekend but we'll be fine. We topped off our gas tank this morning. We have groceries, flash lights, and what nots. We are going to get a few more things tomorrow and be ready to hunker down for the weekend.


  1. Nice dolphin adventure. Yes, we are under Hurricane watch right now and the workplace already activated alpha/bravo. Hopefully it won't hit us hard. Have a safe vacation.

  2. Stay safe - hunkering down sounds like more stitching time to me!

  3. Stay safe,hope you enjoy the rest of your vaccation.

  4. Wow, a lovely trip to see the dolphins!!
    Good job you've checked on your hotel bookings.
    Sounds like you're all prepared. Stay safe, don't get bored and you might be lucky and even have a bit of stitching time ;)

  5. I would have left 2 days ago! :-) This is a very bad storm. Please be careful!!

  6. Yikes. Good luck over the weekend and glad you were able to get out and enjoy the dolphin sites before the weather got bad.

  7. The dolphin tour sounds and looks like fun - so glad you saw a lot of them. Stay safe - and stitch?

  8. Hope you are all safe.
    My brother was on hols over the pond and flew home on Friday safely

  9. Katie--I sure hope that you are okay. I am still seething that they really miscalculated the track of this storm! I sure do hope that you all weathered Hurricane Matthew, and are alright!! Considering the damage up here in Virginia, I worry about you!! Big Hugs!


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