Dec 19, 2016

2016 Advent Blog Hop

Today is December 19. I'm joining in the lovely Jo for the 2016 Advent Blog Hop. Head over to the link to stop at all the other lovely doors too.

This year we are supposed to share seasonal stitching and then we have a discussion topic about Decorations - do you have a favourite decoration you must have on display every year, maybe an heirloom, one the children made or something with a special story behind it?

First I will share with you two seasonal pieces I did. Here is one I just LOVE from 2008...
LOL So true isn't it? Our poor credit cards get a work out this time of  year. This is an old kit from Stoney Creek called On Dasher. I don't know if it's still available or not. Here is another fun snowman I did up in 2012...
This one is a Mill Hill kit called Holiday Greetings Joy Snowman. It was a lot of fun to do! Now onto decorations. I have two to share with you...
This is a picture from last year but it looks the same this year. The bottom left has my Grandma's nativity scene. She always had this set out this time of year. When I was little she would let me play with it. I can't believe it has lasted all these years. Mom said she always had it when she was growing up too so I have no idea how old it really is. Now that my Grandma has passed we really cherish sitting it out in her honor.
The other decoration I would like to share sits on mom's table in her living room. The Christmas tree in the center is one of those ceramic trees from so long ago. My mom loved doing ceramics 30 some years ago. My Grandma displayed this every year but now we have it. So special to have something from so long ago.

I hope you enjoyed the blog hop post. Even more I hope you enjoy the upcoming holiday season. The crazy busy blur of the week is all we have left. I hope you get everything done you need done. Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Whatever you celebrate. May it be great!


  1. What a great share, Katie, I love your stitching...and yes, the Stoney Creek is so true LOL! I love the Mill Hill Snowman, so fun and festive...great colors.
    Your heirlooms are wonderful, I love to see treasures from so long ago, and still get a thrill when I take out our decorations and remember where and when they came from.
    Have a great day...I can't wait to see more

  2. Thanks for taking part in the Advent Calendar Blog Hop this year. I did laugh at your first design! How true is that?
    Love the heirlooms too, especially the nativity.

  3. Your Christmas stitching is lovely, as are your ornaments. You are so lucky to have your grandparents" Nativity - so many lovely memories! Merry Christmas.

  4. I love those old ceramic trees - I had one my mother in law made me and it broke during a move. So sad. Love your little stitched ornaments. and how special to have your Grandma's Nativity too.

  5. Love the 2008 piece. Made me chuckle but it is so true. The snowman is wonderful as well. That nativity is extra special as is the tree. What wonderful memories for you.

  6. Thanks for sharing a part of your heart with us, in those special decorations. And what fun stitches too! I can't help but notice the big lighthouse... :) Merry Christmas!

  7. What a lovely door to open today! Love all your Christmas stitching (my poor Visa is red hot!) and the treasured family heirlooms. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. I haven't seen either one of those pieces, they are adorable!
    How wonderful that you have the family nativity and the Christmas tree is a treasure too.

  9. Lovely post Katie,great stitching.Wishing you all a Happy Christmas.

  10. Great pictures, Katie, and great post! Gorgeous stitching ..... loved reading about your family decorations, and especially your gran's tree ..... love the lighthouse!
    Wishing you have a wonderful Christmas Day, and best wishes for the New Year too!
    Barbara x

  11. I love your stitching and your collections!Happy holidays!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. Such lovely Christmas stitching, Katie. And wonderful things that you have on display every year. I los love Christmas decoration with lots of memories in them.

  13. Your Christmas heirlooms are lovely.
    Great Christmas stitching you shared.

  14. Great choices Katie! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

  15. Slowly catching up...
    Love your grandmother nativity scene, this is so precious!


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