Dec 19, 2016

Monday Update

I've heard so many people talking about having so much to do right now. Boy is that right. I get two things done but have 15 to do. At least it feels like it. So I'm going to try to throw together this update anyway.

WIPocalypse. I have missed so many check ins this year. I swear I just couldn't keep up with remembering to post no matter what I did. I've kept track of what I've stitched but I just don't have time to tally it all up and do a nice post that I would like to do. So I'll just hope to do better next year. I heard she is hosting again so that's great news. I really enjoy the reason to keep track of my stitching.

Gifted Gorgeousness. I've done the same thing. I've missed so many check ins. So again I'll do better next year. I have to finish my Grandpa's family crest and this is the perfect push to keep working on that.

2016 Smalls SAL. I've stuck with this one! Can't believe it. I picked out a year long project this year. I might have missed an official SAL check in but I've done the stitching. Plus I think I finished every month in the month it was due other than January due to all the new starts for the DUCJC. I already have a new monthly year long project picked out for next year. I put the link to the 2017 Smalls SAL in my sidebar if you are interested in joining in. I will update the other links when I see them too.

I've decided to not stress over the past misses and look forward to doing better next year. If you've heard of other fun SALs let me know. I've been trying to see what's out there. I know I'll be insane enough to do the DUCJC in January because I LOVE it. Even though my current project list is getting longer and longer I just love the fresh starts to bring in the new year. Plus it's a great excuse to start any projects I might get for Christmas.

Okay enough about that. I have been finding a little bit of time to stitch. Helps keep my sanity. Friday I started my new piece that I shared in the last post. Here is the first day progress on it...
Just as I guessed it I LOVED working on it. The 36ct. The fun sampler threads. I can't wait to get back to it. But then yesterday I realized Dec is going to fly by so I better get busy on my Dec Whimsy. Here is the first day on the cute Dec ChrisMoose...
I probably won't get another post till after Christmas now. So I hope everyone has a great whatever you celebrate. Thanks for all the wonderful comments throughout the year. I love the online blog stitching community! I've enjoyed following along with so many wonderful projects you've all be stitching on this year and boy I can't wait to see what shows up on your blogs next year.Hopefully we can all find time to keep up haha.


  1. I have so enjoyed reading your blog this past year. I have learned so much about so many things, following all of your adventures - Love your stitching choices too. am so looking forward to enjoying it again in 2017

  2. I think we all need 40 hour days at least until Saturday. Good luck with all the "doing" and I'm looking forward to you squeaking the final Whimsy in before 2016 disappears.

  3. That's good you could find some stitching time. Enjoy your Christmas celebration and preparations:)

  4. I have learned that me and SALs is like me and diets - no good at it! LOL! :)
    I love your beachy start...I love HOD! And your Perforated Paper! LOVE IT! Merry Christmas Katie! Have a fabulous holiday with your family!

  5. You have accomplished a lot of stitching this year, Katie. And never mind the SALs that you couldn't stick to, there are always so many other things that get in the way. Next year there will be a new chance. And I'm sure that you will find more exciting SALs to join.

  6. Your new stitch is just perfect - with UNWIND written large it's a good reminder to stop and remember to enjoy the holidays, however you celebrate.
    I fell by the wayside with GG and the Smalls SAL this year, and haven't blogged as much either. You always have such lovely things to show I wouldn't worry about it. And I'm glad to hear you're doing DUCJC again, I love seeing your new starts!
    Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. I've enjoyd visiting with you this year Katie, always something lovely to see when I open your blog.
    Happy New Year to you and the family x

  8. Great pieces :) I'm right there with you I didn't stitch or post any gifts after I finished Paradise. Lol no regrets! If you want you can do the birthstone dragon SAL with me. It's on my latest update.

  9. You have been busy with your stitching and family trips and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog!
    Looking forward to another great year :)
    Good luck with the January challenge, that is fun but so hard too!!


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