Mar 27, 2017

March WIPocalypse

Yesterday was time for the March WIPocalypse. Measi came up with this fun SAL to poke fun at how the apocalypse is supposedly coming. So we should grab our WIPs and get busy stitching before the world ends. I love using it as an excuse to keep track of what I've worked on for the month and how many days I've spent on what pieces. We also get fun questions to answer so we can learn more about each other. Here is this month's question...What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?

I used to love yahoo groups and was on so many. Since they really fell apart I've tried to follow with many different Facebook stitching groups. I just can't keep up. There always seems to be WAY too many posts and I get so confused by who is who. LOL I must be getting old. I do miss the old yahoo groups but I don't spend so much time reading all those emails I used to get haha. I follow SO many stitchy blogs and I love them all! I think for me personally blogs are the way to go now. I really feel like I get to know the person better. I do enjoy Instagram but I like to know more behind the pictures so again blog is perfect. I've promised myself not to get into flosstube. I just don't want to spend time watching all those videos. I've watched a few and really get bored since it's just a one sided conversation. So not for me.

Now let's see what I've been stitching on since the last check in....

Family Crest -- 5 days. I have to admit I got burned out on this one lately. It's totally my fault. I just felt like I was crawling with my progress the past two weeks. The days I make myself work on it I catch myself not stitching much. So I put it down last week completely and hopefully this week it will better. Anyway here I was last check in...
Here it is now...
So seeing that helps a lot. Even though it feels slow there is definitely visible progress. Hopefully even more next time.

Monthly Snapshots -- 4 days to start and finish up the March Snapshot
Spring Bell Pull from Stoney Creek Magazine -- 3 days of progress on the I block. At the last check in I finished off the R block and was really excited about starting the I block. Here is where I am on it now...
It's still screaming STITCH me too.

Under the Sea SAL by Lakeside Needlecrafts -- 2 days to finish the March section. Here is the whole piece now...
Happy Easter from Stoney Creek Magazine -- 5 days from start to finish. I wanted to do a fun Easter themed piece for an upcoming blog hop. I found this one and just couldn't wait to get it finished up. I loved the way it turned out...
I had 9 days with no stitching. Life is starting to get busy. Plus I had dental surgery that stole 2 days. Our travel plans start the end of April so I need to get busy and get stitching done. But now with the warmer temps the weeds are starting to wake up and poke out of course. But here's hoping I can manage it all. See ya next time with hopeful proof. So what have you been working on??


  1. Nine days with no stitching? Screams!! But you are right not to stitch while under the influence of dental drugs LOL
    I used to like the forums too but I did feel that I had a tendency to "take over" a thread so a blog is much better for me LOL
    Regular photos really do help you see the progress, it works on 12 Days for me with the interminable border!
    The Under The Sea SAL is looking good too. I know there's a submarine next but any guesses what else is coming?

  2. Hi Katie, new follower here. Just spent a lovely time looking at your blog and loving the pieces you are doing. I've stitched for so many years but only recently started up my blog again. Will drop by again soon. K

  3. I like those posts because we can see how productive you've been (minus the dental surgery) :) Love the Easter piece & you've actually made great progress on the family crest.

  4. You have made so much progress on such beautiful projects! I have a project I really want to finish, but dread picking up. I think I am going to try following another blogger friends advice and force myself to spend 10 minutes a day on it. We'll see how that goes. Your family crest is looking amazing! This month has been one of little progress here. If you find a secret way to balance the chores and obligations with the crafty time and a way manage it all, please let me know! :)

  5. I haven't checked any blogs in forever! And even longer since I posted to mine. My posts are always so long that with pictures I literally spend over an hour writing it. I looked back at mine today though and it brought back a lot of memories. You stitching looks great! You've had a lot of finishes! I can't wait to see your family crest finished.

  6. All the projects are looking great! I also didn't get much stitching time but recently I completed a small piece, hope to share soon.
    I watched few flosstubes after seeing many bloggers mentioning it but I didn't like as they just showed stash and progress on projects which could have been easily shared on blogs and read in less time.

  7. Nine days?! You've got some catching up to do! ;)
    I prefer blogs because I can read, look, comment, and be done! I can't get into the videos either, I get bored too.

  8. I only blog and belong to one forum, that's enough for me, the computer cuts into crafting time too much otherwise.
    Lots of lovely little x's you have been putting into these beautiful projects.

  9. You want to get even busier? Lol. You accomplished so much last month.
    I'm the same way - for me it's blogs. And the occasional floss tube video which accompanies my ironing. And that's it for me, no FB, no IG, no other groups whatsoever.


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