May 8, 2017

Vacation Day #19

If you've seen the movies Dolphin Tale you will know what I'm talking about today. We got to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium which is where Winter and Hope live. If you haven't seen the movies they are fantastic. Winter is a dolphin that lost her back fin. They were going to have to put her down and then she showed she wanted to fight. A company offered to make her a prosthetic (portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the movie). It worked and she was happy as could be. In the 2nd movie they had to find her a tank mate to share her time with. Hope was that dolphin. Anyway you should definitely watch the movies.
This is Winter. You can see how her back flipper is missing.
The one on the right is Hope. They were playing with a float at the time.

We also went on a sea life boat cruise with the aquarium naturalist. We got to see an Osprey nest and several dolphins in the wild. Here is me attempting a Fred selfie pose of us on the boat...
Did pretty good. We had a very nice day. The aquarium was very small and more of a rehab facility than a big aquarium but it was a nice visit. Then we went to a restaurant that all you can eat snow crab legs. Jeremiah loves snow crab (I do too) so we enjoyed that. When we got back to the hotel I did a load of laundry. One bad thing with being gone on vacation so long you run out of clean clothes after awhile.


  1. I need to see Dolphin Tale now!Must've been lovely to see Winter and Hope close up.

  2. Looks like another fantastic day out for you all!!... Except for the boring laundry bit, but it has to be done :)

  3. How great to see the film stars in their homes!

  4. I had a giggle... here I am catching up on your travels and thinking WOW what fab sights you are seeing and all that wildlife and this time I can say ....I've seen Ospreys on their nests, they are amazing birds.


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