May 10, 2017

Vacation Day #20 and #21

Last two days here in Clearwater Beach.

Yesterday we went back down to John's Pass to finish up our shopping and enjoying the boardwalk area. I found this map online of what the area looks like...
All along the boardwalk we have fun watching dolphins, pelicans, and all the boats. All the stores are full of fun nautical stuff mom just can't live without haha. We've found lots of great goodies.

Today we decided to just stay right here and relax...
It was 93 out today so rather than go down to the boardwalk we stayed in the air conditioning and relaxed in our room. We saw countless dolphins right out our window! Jeremiah enjoyed the relaxed day. He slept till 11:30 even haha. Everyone needs days like these. I even got out my cross stitching finally this afternoon. Felt good to stitch again. Remember readers I stitch too haha. I hope I'm not boring you guys to death with all this vacation stuff. I love reading all the comments I've been getting. So I hope that means you aren't bored. I just love being able to look back on my blog and read about our vacations and the fun we had.

I've also enjoyed reading again. I always had my nose in a book growing up. When I fell in love with cross stitching I just didn't take time to read anymore. I brought along a book to read while on vacation and I'm already to page 170. When I get home I want to find a way to work it in more often. I should be able to do everything I love somehow right?

Tomorrow we are moving over to Tampa Florida to explore. Be back with more then.


  1. Books on tape (also on CD, downloadable to Ipods)
    the generic is audio books - hubby and I love these for trips (like your vacations).

  2. Lucky Jeremiah, what a good lie in he had!!
    I really like ready about your holiday posts, I feel like I'm traveling too :) Glad you've had a bit of stitching time.
    I love stitching but like my books too. So, every evening in bed I read for half an hour, sometimes much longer if I really enjoy the book I've chosen!

  3. Yout relaxing day sounds idyliic and seeing the dolphins magical.
    Your travel posts are never boring,it is lovely to read and see pictures of places I will never visit.I have made time to read also in the last few years.It sort of disappeared when we were raising the boys except for helping them and listening to them read,glad you found the joy of it again:)

  4. I don't mind your traveling posts at all. Even though I do love pictures of stitching projects (and I love them a lot), it's nice to see travel pictures and see what people are doing. It sounds like you are having a lovely time.

  5. It's great reading you traveling posts....glad you're having a good time!

  6. I always read on vacation. I also take crochet/stitching on vacation but I rarely make any progress.

  7. Book at bedtime is a good way to enjoy a good book, wind down after your day.
    Happy reading

  8. I'm so glad you are all having a great time, and how nice you can look back on it here. Read when you can!


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