May 11, 2017

Vacation Day #22

Today we moved into Tampa Florida. We wanted to be closer to the Busch Gardens area. This hotel even has a shuttle that goes to the park. It's always nice for mom since they really know where they are going. Plus we don't have to worry about parking and what not. How nice! This is the view from our 8th floor down into the lobby. No ocean out the window though. How will we survive haha.

We are all moved in and have our tickets ready to start tomorrow.


Lesley said...

Glad you have reached your next destination..let the adventure and photos please,begin:)

Tiffstitch said...

Have fun!!

Julie said...

Enjoy Busch Gardens, my brother has visited this place many years ago when you showed your holiday snaps when you got home ...before the days of digital cameras ...yes, that long ago.