May 12, 2017

Vacation Day #23

Today was our first day at Busch Gardens. I was there when I was 15. So only a mere 23 years ago haha. I remember nothing from that trip. I knew it was a large zoo but other than idea. We got our hotel shuttle (So thankful it's handicapped accessible!!) this morning and headed to the park. It's not the peak time of the year so the park is only open 10am to 6pm. So we knew we would be squeezing a lot into each day. We had heard about this behind the scenes safari that you could feed giraffe. So when we got into the park we looked into it. She said earlier in the day is best so we had an hour to get to where we needed to be. Oh I'm so glad we did this. What an experience!!!
Loaded up on the truck. They had a part where they could fold down the side so Jeremiah could see easily. So cool.
I talked with the zookeeper. This giraffe loves attention and has been known to pay close attention to people in wheelchairs. How neat! So she was really checking Jeremiah out. She just LOVED looking at him and got her head pretty much in his lap at one point. She was so sweet. We got to pet her neck and she just stayed right there. It was an amazing experience!!
We got this awesome photo of us being held by this adorable stuffed giraffe. Definitely something we will never forgot.

After this we ate a delicious lunch and watched an awesome Rock a Doo Wop music show. Jeremiah enjoyed it a lot...
They did the oldies songs so Mom and me was singing along. They did a great job. After that we rode a fun train ride that took us around the park. We ate a quick dinner and was going to walk around more but it was time for the park to close. According to the map we hardly did anything. So we decided to extend our stay here and add some more days. There is a lot lot more to do. Be back tomorrow with more fun.


  1. What a great day! Special memories for you all! The giraffe is so sweet.

  2. Giraffes!! What canI say...they are amazing.Elder son was fascinated with them from a very early age and met his future wife while talking about them:)
    What lovely photos of Jeremiah and his new friend.

  3. What fun! Aren't giraffes wonderful? Although I did not realise they ate t-shirts!

  4. That is awesome! There's a park near us where you can feed animals too, but you don't get that close.

  5. Giraffes are so elegant, what a special time for you all.

  6. Oh wow, what a treat! I love the picture where it looks like she's trying to hug Jeremiah! Love the picture frame, it's perfect.


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