May 14, 2017

Vacation Day #25

It's Mother's Day in the US. Luckily we got to spend the day together back at Busch Gardens again.

We started the day at the park with getting to watch a cheetah run. They setup a pulley system with a treat on it and one of the cheetah's shows off catching it. I didn't get a picture of her running since I was too busy being amazed. Here she is after getting some treats from the zookeeper...
She was very well trained.

Jeremiah treated mom and me to a delicious brunch...
We even got flowers when we were done...
We did gem mining. Jeremiah did a bag that had all fossils in it. I did a bag that was all different gemstones. It was a lot of fun...
We did get to see several other animals. But this afternoon the heat got to us. So we ended our day with a jump in our hotel pool. It was cold and felt great after a long hot day.


  1. Big cats are my all time favourites!! I would have been in awe with that beautiful feline :)
    Looks like a perfect day! Nice meal out and a dip in the pool :)

  2. Whst a great way to spend Mothers Day.

  3. You are having the most wonderful time.. Here I am again, reading all the days I have missed. The giraffe is AMAZING. And Happy Happy Birthday. Your life is just beginning. I swear each decade gets better.

  4. What a great way to spend Mother's day!

  5. Happy US Mother's Day! Does it ever fall on your Birthday? My MIL sometimes gets her Birthday on Mothering Sunday which just means we buy her twice as many plants for the garden as usual!

  6. Happy Mothers Day wishes to you both. xx

  7. What a fun Mother's Day for you both!


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