May 15, 2017

Vacation Day #26

Today was our last day at Busch Gardens. At home on Saturday mornings we watch a show called Wildlife Docs. It's filmed here at Busch Gardens...
Today we got to go behind the scenes and tour the building. I thought we would just hear about their veterinary practices and see the different places they film maybe. It was really extra neat because they were filming so we had to fill out paperwork in case we happened to be filmed. (We weren't though.) It was just the three of us on the tour which made it extra special. Felt more laid back and like we got a really special tour indeed. They happened to be doing a check up on an 8 month old wallaby (small kangaroo in case you don't know). It had just been kicked out of it's mom's pouch and the vets did a check up to make sure everything was okay. He got the all clear and was being woke up from the anesthesia...
So sweet!!! He really didn't want to wake up but we did get to see him move around a little bit.

Then we got to see the procedure room and we saw some hustle and bustle. We got to be in there for two patients.
This American Bittern had a broken leg. They were able to fix it and it's going to be released soon into the wild. The vet here works with 4 rehab facilities and these both were from one of them. They were helping to do the surgeries that the small rehab place wasn't able to do.

Next though was...
An Eagle!!! It was a young bald eagle. That close. We were in the same room. Look at those talons!!! When he first came by he was wide awake. The lady had gloves up to her elbows. No wonder with those talons. We found out his story. He got into a fight with a osprey. After the fight he flew away and into a pole. We joked with the vet that we think it would better to leave that part of the story out. Make it more manly. Like he was taking on 6 osprey and he won but his leg was wounded in the battle. He said he liked our idea for our nations bird instead haha.

After this we got to see the blood lab area. They showed Jeremiah microscopes with mammal blood and reptile blood.
We had read it. Seen it in our Science books. But now we got to see it through the microscope in person. So cool!! It really does look different. Overall the tour was definitely worth it and we really enjoyed it a lot!!!

After that we walked to visit a few animals again. We also watched the rescued animal show again. It was so good the first time.
It was great! We had a great day. We are calling it quits now. We are sweated out. It's going to be even more hot tomorrow. So tomorrow we are getting everything ready for the trip home. We should be home by Sunday if everything goes well. I have to get home so I can leave to go camping for Memorial Day Weekend haha.


  1. Just the three of you on the tour, what a treat! I'm sure the eagle appreciates your change of story!
    Have a safe trip home and thank you for sharing your fantastic journey.

  2. Another fabulous day on your vacation. How awesome it was that it was pretty much a tour just for you three. You can watch them do something similar at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Rafiki's Planet Watch, but you're in with whoever else took the train out...not nearly as personal as this. Thanks for sharing your vacation pictures and stories.

  3. What a treat to be just the 3 of you on the tour!! That was definitely a special day... wow! I am in awe with this beautiful eagle.

  4. How amazing! The eagle was incredible but the osprey has always been one of my favourite birds of prey. Have you ever done a hawk walk? You get to take a bird of prey out and fly it. Definitely worth doing if you get a chance.

  5. How amazing to get so close up to all that action.


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