May 16, 2017

Vacation Day #27

Last day here in Tampa, FL. I got our hotels mapped out and booked for the trip home. We got our luggage all repacked and sorted into what we need for the trip home. We also rested. Felt great to be in the AC when it was record breaking heat outside. I think I heard it got to 97! We stepped out once to get some things out of the van and I was glad we were able to quickly come back inside.

Guess what else I was able to squeeze in...
Stitching time! This is a 2 sided pillow that was another exclusive for the PALs Retreat last October. You can follow this link to see what it will look like when finished here. I'm using the specialty Weeks and Sampler threads. Love working with them. Well I'm going back to stitch for a bit. Wish us luck on the road tomorrow.


  1. Ah....a little stitching on a very!!! hot day,lovely to relax I am sure.

  2. Refreshing little crosses, judging by your hot weather :)
    Have a safe journey back home x

  3. Yay, holiday stitching! Sea themed, of course.

  4. Lovely stitching !! We are having peak summer with 102-107 F

  5. Lovely stitching Katie and safe travels back

  6. Sea stitching...perfect


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