Jul 31, 2017

July WIPocalypse

Yesterday was time for a WIPocalypse update. I like using this fun SAL to keep track of what I've been working on and how many days. I'm in the midst of my busy season but let's see what I've been up to when I've been stitching since the last check in June 28th...

Family Crest -- Just 2 Days of Progress. Then I realized I had lost my mojo. No worthy progress was made in those 2 days so no photo.

Dream of the Sea Kit -- 3 Days of Progress. Photos are in the last two posts. No reason to bore you with the same photos. I got 1 of the set complete and started the 2nd one.

May Snapshot -- 7 Days of Progress. Was able to start and finish this one. Picture in the post before this one. Now only 2 months behind on this one well soon to be 3 haha. 

I had 20 days of no stitching!!! I can't wait till winter when my stitching takes over again. I have had a blast though. 9 nights of camping fun in this span. Lots of special friend and family time. Stitching can wait. It will always be here for me when I return. Life is special and I sure try to cherish it when I can. See ya next check in August 27th.


  1. It looks like you had plenty of progress to me. I couldn't agree more about family and friend time. Stitching will always be there. Happy stitching! --Andrea

  2. I agree with you. Spending time with family and friends always counts and is so precious.

  3. Lovely to see a little note from you Katie. Nice to read you are having lots of fun times with family and friends.

  4. Oh yes, family and friend time are so important! I'm glad you're having fun.

  5. I've got to backtrack and see these updates and finishes, and it's good to take a break sometime so you're back to stitching with more desire to stitch :)

  6. It's nice that you can send these fun times with your family! Don't worry about boring me with repeat photos - every day is a surprise - I can barely remember what my own stitching looks like!


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