Jul 31, 2017

Monday Update / July Smalls SAL

Hey only a week between updates. I'm not doing too bad haha. I even stitched. I know don't die from shock haha. 4 more days put into the May Snapshot and I was able to get it finished up...
(9) July 28th, 2017
May Snapshot from Pine Mountain Designs
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool Evenweave
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started July 21st. Took 7 Days.
Saturday Hubby and I had a movie day. We rented Life and Kong from Redbox. They were both really good. After that I had seen a list on Facebook about the top 30 scary movies on Netflix. So we started with #1 Hush. It was really good. Glad we had heard about it. Only bad thing about our nice day was no stitching during the movies. They were too interesting. 
Sunday I made up for it though. I worked on the Dream of the Sea pincushion I started in my last post...
Got one side of the 4 complete. Can't wait to put this one together to see how it becomes a complete piece.

**Edited to add**
I just realized I made the cut for the July Smalls SAL. The last time I remembered to join in was March. Nothing like skipping a few right? Oh well. I really want to try harder I do. I'm using the monthly snapshots for this SAL. And look I actually finished one....yeah it's May in July but shhh haha.


  1. Dream of the Sea is sooooo pretty,I said it befire but I love the coral colour of the shells

  2. I really like the colors in both projects, but my heart belongs with "Dream of the Sea". It sounds like you had a good time with your movie watching this weekend. Happy stitching! --Andrea

  3. Gorgeous stitching! Hubby likes horror movies and I always stitch really fast at the scary bits!

  4. So nice to see you back with another Small SAL piece. May in July is only two months out... no doubt you'll catch up soon! :)

  5. Pretty stitching, I like both designs.

  6. Such a lovely May finish, Katie. And nice progress on the Sea piece. It already looks very attractive with the coral colored shells.

  7. Loving the May stitch, such pretty colours, I keep thinking I need a nice ladies bike like that one.

  8. Nice work on both! I'll have to tell DH about Hush.

  9. Love the bicycle on the May snaphot, and you're early for next year!
    Wonderful start on the pincushion, I really like this set of designs.
    I do not like horror films at all but I did sit and watch The Omen with my son this week. In broad daylight! We are reading Good Omens and it was obvious that you needed to have seen the film to get all the comic references.

  10. Your May finish is very cute! And I also cannot wait to see how the pincushion comes out... intriguing! Hugs!

  11. Hey, my July small was a May too! :) Both pieces are so pretty! Keep up the good work!

  12. Love the colors in both those projects!


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