Jul 24, 2017

Long Time No Post

Finally stepping out of the busy hustle of life to post an update. My July has been so full. 2 fun camping trips. One for the 4th and another the 11th through the 16th. What a blur July has been. I had only stitched on the family crest 2 days. I felt obligated to work on it when I finally got time to pick up my needle. Then I noticed I wasn't picking up my needle. I was just staring at the TV when I had time. So I knew what meant. I was letting the stress of working on the crest get to me again. I want it done so bad it makes it not move. Then it makes me scared that I won't finish it. Then it makes me hate my stitching. It breaks my mojo. Time to pick up my other stitching and remember this is a hobby that I'm supposed to enjoy. My grandparents understand the crest won't be finished right away. I need to breath and relax.

So on the 18th I finally got back to enjoying my stitching. I received a new piece in the mail. Wait till you see this one...
Yep totally a me set. I just couldn't not do right? This is a very limited edition piece called Dream of the Sea made by Hands on Designs and sold at Down Sunshine Lane. I was lucky enough to grab one while they were for sale. I heard rumors she might have more though so if you want one better head over to her website and see. I couldn't wait to get started on it and my needles were so happy to stitch beach again. Jeremiah had the options 1 - 4 to pick and picked 4 so I started the corner gauge piece in the lower right. I got it finished up in 2 days...
Then he picked 2 so I got started on the pincushion in the upper right...
On the 20th I went over to Ohio to visit a few ladies that attend the PALs Retreat in Myrtle Beach. It was so nice to see them and I got to see a new stitching store. I didn't let myself buy any new projects since I have so many screaming my name right now. I did buy some threads I needed. Two I needed for the May Snapshot design. When I got home I couldn't wait to finally start the May Snapshot.....yep in July haha...
I got 3 days into it so far...
I definitely have my mojo back and it feels great to be stitching again. August is going to be a blur. Two fun garage sale filled weekends. One fun vacation to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I also need to find time to read emails and blogs. I'm so far behind on your blogs. So hopefully you'll be seeing comments from me soon on your blogs. I miss you guys. I'm looking forward to winter when life settles down.


  1. Wow the Hands on Design is totally you! What a gorgeous set. The May snapshot is pretty, I do love this series. You were right to swap projects, I'm sure your mojo for Family Crest will come back soon.

    Have a lovely August - Sounds like another busy one!

  2. Those designs are so fun and beachy!

  3. Yes, you definitely need to do a project or two or three that keep your mojo going. I understand completely, since I am done with one of my WIPs! So freeing! I look forward to seeing your beach stitching finishes! You definitely do some traveling around... Hugs!

  4. Oh! I saw Dream of the Sea on her FlossTube and loved it. But there's no way I could spend that much money especially as I would have to pay postage, huge custom charge and VAT on top!
    But when you consider what you get with the little metal tray and the corner gauge and so on it's a really nice special treat.
    I'm glad that you are stitching it straight away and not hoarding it!
    Nice start on May too.

  5. I dream is a gorgeous set. Enjoy stitching it it's going to look beautiful finished. Lovely to see you blogging again.

  6. The beach-themed "Dream of the Sea" set is fantastic! I absolutely love that color combination of beiges, blues, pinks, corals... My office/sewing room has a Disney beach theme. These pieces would feel right at home here. Sounds like you had a great July! Happy stitching! --Andrea

  7. Glad you are enjoying stutching again Katie.Love the pieces you are working on.

  8. Such pretty designs. Glad you've got your stitching mojo back :)

  9. So good to read that you have found your stitching mojo again after losing it over the family crest. I'm sure that the day will come when you feel like stitching on it again. Stitching shouldn't be a chores but always fun.
    Great new projects that you started.

  10. Pretty Dream of the Sea design and I like the stitching you are working on. Glad that your mojo is back again.

  11. What a fun set to be working on! That should definitely get your mojo going.


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