Aug 13, 2017

On the Road Again #1

Here we are On the Road again.

First though a look back...we had a blast on the Lincoln Hiway Sales. We did 100+ on Thursday. We found a lot of stuff we couldn't live without. I finally found some stitching stuff. The sale had a piece of evenweave and several sheets of perforated paper for less than a dollar. What a buy! Friday was a little rainy but we still stopped at over 50. We also stopped at the place where Smucker's started. They had a lot of history about the brand but also a very nice store to shop at. We also found this cute place called Grandpa's Cheesebarn and there was a delicious chocolate shop next door. We got back to the hotel Friday and I really was looking forward to reading my book. I fell asleep way early beside Jeremiah watching Youtube. He said I didn't read much that way haha. Must have been tired.

Saturday we got home and Fred treated me to a movie night. We went to see the Annabelle: Creation. I loved it! It was so scary. I jumped several times and at one point Fred had to pry my hand off his arm. I cut off his hand's circulation I was holding so tight haha. Sorry honey. It was a great movie and an excellent date night.

This morning we hit the road again. On the way today we passed by a large flea market (Treasure Isles) we used to go to several years ago. We would go like once a year at least. It was always nice but then they didn't allow dogs and we didn't have anyone to watch them. Plus it started to get run down. Here is what it looks like from the hiway...
There are a lot of vendors outside with garage sales prices and then quite a few inside a large building too. Unfortunately we were very disappointed. The people shopping were fun to watch but not exactly fun to be around. Oh my. The vendors were selling mostly trash. It was sad to see how bad it's got. But it was a nice break and then we got back on the road.

This time our vacation is to Gatlinburg, TN. We've been there before. Fred and me went for our 10th anniversary in 2011. We didn't do many tourist type things though because we had both our dogs with us. Jeremiah went when he was 1 year old and for some reason doesn't remember it haha. Mom and I had been a few times when I was younger. But it will be great to be back. We have a lot we are looking forward to. It's 8 hours from home so we stopped for tonight at...
Tomorrow will have 4 and half hours left till our destination. Hope you enjoy traveling along with us.


  1. It looks like you're having a great trip! You are brave to see Annabelle. Those types of movies give me horrible nightmares...for nights on end. I suppose it doesn't help that I used to collect dolls and still have a few that I see when I go into my walk-in close. Eek! Have a great week! Andrea

  2. Ooo, another road trip! Glad you got some stash from the yardsales but it's a shame about the fleamarket. At least you didn't get actual fleas so that's a result!

  3. Another fun trip, good for you!
    Glad you found some stash, always a treat.
    Lucky you to have Fred watch that with you, my DH doesn't like scary movies.

  4. It's always fun to be on the road with you. But sad that the big flea market isn't what it used to be.

  5. Hope this trip will be lots of fun. Maybe because all the good stuff has been taken already, there is nothing good left to sell--until people start letting it go again! Cycles I guess. Enjoy!


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