Aug 14, 2017

Vacation Day #2

We had a rainy trip for some of today's drive. We found a nice artisan center in Kentucky...
These cool pieces were all made from old car parts and other metal stuff. So cool! We had a lot of fun looking around and admiring but we didn't buy anything. We wanted to wait and see what we find while here at our destination. We did eat a quick lunch at the little cafe they had...
That's my mom and Jeremiah (my son). We love traveling together. We make every day a blast.

After 4 and half hours (which felt like forever) we finally arrived safe and sound in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We got all our stuff moved into the room and grabbed a bunch of pamphlets to look over about the area. We just got pizza delivered and rested after our long drive. Tomorrow we'll start the tourist things. We have so much fun stuff to look forward to. Stay tuned.


  1. Love those car part sculptures, great recycling!

  2. The sculptures are adorable, love all the moose!

  3. These metal art objects look very funny.
    Good to know that you arrived safe at your destination.

  4. I LOVE those sculptures! And look forward to seeing what you find around Gatlinburg! Hugs!


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