Aug 15, 2017

Vacation Day #3

Our goal today. Figure out if the trolley system works for us...
I'm so happy to report it works for us. They can load Jeremiah right up and at any stop we need. Great news!!! The only bad part is you have to do this route to this route to this route but we have it figured out mostly. It's always so nice to not have to drive. There is a lot of traffic and it's also nice to not have to pay to park. We went over to Pigeon Forge and ate a delicious meal...
It looks scary from the outside but it's delicious. They have good home cooking kind of food. Including a delicious corn chowder that tasted YUMMY!

We also did a little bit of shopping and guess what stitching friends...
A stitching store!!! I heard Santa Claus shopping so no photos of my stash to share. It's really HOT and very humid so we didn't stay out too long. We came back to the hotel to enjoy air conditioning for a little bit. I also got a few shows setup for our upcoming days that we are really exciting to see. We ate dinner at a BBQ restaurant here by our hotel.


  1. It's good that every stop is wheelchair friendly, sometimes it's only certain places.
    How exciting to have a stitching shop too! I hope that Santa got some nice goodies.

  2. That trolley bus looks very fancy. Good to know that Jeremiah could use it without problems. And wow, a stitching store, lucky you :)

  3. I'm so glad the trolley worked out for Jeremiah, what a treat to be driven around.
    A stitching store, WINNER!!! I hope Santa brought his big sack to fill.

  4. Yay! Trolleys worked! I have been to Dixie Darlin... what a good store! My dear friend lives in Pigeon Forge, so we have visited her and the area past two years. Has great birding spots! Enjoy!


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