Aug 16, 2017

Vacation Day #4

Jeremiah and me slept in a bit and it was very nice. We walked over to a log cabin pancake house right here by our hotel and it was delicious. I don't even like pancakes but Jeremiah got this butterscotch chip pancakes that were just amazing!! He loved them and I stole a few bites haha.

Then we started the trolley trips haha. It's a little annoying with the take this one to here and then this one to here but we had fun and it got us to where we wanted to go...
The bottom picture shows the trolley stop in Pigeon Forge. It's the main hub for that town. I've been helping as much as I can to get the wheelchair all hooked up in the trolley tie downs. I've been offered several jobs with the company haha. No thank you!

It was another hot humid day. We found a cute little apple themed area to stop at. They had a winery, 2 restaurants, and a few other stores. They also had an ice cream cafe.  We were forced to get milkshakes and mom got some orange sherbet. It tasted great on a hot day. Then we headed to our planned event today...
 We went to a dinner show called Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud. We had a blast. The show was fantastic. Lots of great music and dancing. A cute love story. The food was delicious. Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Corn on the Cob, Cole Slaw, and Mashed Potatoes. Pudding for dessert too. It was all you could eat but our first serving was more than enough.

The traffic was horrible coming back to our hotel. So it took us 2 hours to do the 4 trolley trips back. Plus the trolleys were packed. But yet again we are glad Mom isn't having to drive in all this traffic. Now I'm TIRED with a capital T. So night!!


  1. A great day out! Even if it was tiring you had some yummy food. Pudding is just another word to dessert here unless it is a specific dish like Apple Pudding or Christmas Pudding.

  2. Oh my, would be really great to have one of those pancakes now. I feel that I'm getting hungry, particularly after reading what was the menu at your dinner show.Yummy!

  3. Pancakes are okay, but it sounds like I might like it if you did!
    I just hate it when I'm forced to have ice cream... NOT!
    I'm glad you're all having a great time.

  4. Sounds like such a fun day, except the long ride home. But I bet Jeremiah was a trouper that made the best of it, and his smile took away any worries or concerns!


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