Aug 17, 2017

Vacation Day #5

We started our day with another delicious breakfast at the Log Cabin pancake house across the road. I even ordered the pancakes today. I told the waitress to please tell the cook if I like pancakes they are doing something right haha.

It was forecast to be hot and humid again. It was 91 but the humidity made it feel like 97. Yuck. So we decided to come back to our hotel and rest a bit after breakfast. Jeremiah surfed YouTube and Mom and me watched some TV on our Traveling Roku. Then we started our trek to our dinner show for tonight...

Dixie Stampede. This is a Dolly Parton show with horses. There was a really fantastic pre-show...
The guy with the banjo has won the national banjo competition 4 years in a row. He's Dolly Parton's personal banjo guy. The other two guys had won several competitions too. They did so many fantastic songs and some popular music remixed and made their own. We really enjoyed it alot!
One laugh I had to share with you. The bathroom here...
Yes I used to right stall considering I'm from Indiana.

I didn't get any pictures during the show because I was having too much fun watching myself. It was a great show. The food was good. (Not as good as the Hatfield and McCoy show.) If you are a follower of my blog you know how much we love the Pirate Voyage show in Myrtle Beach. It's a Dolly Parton show too. She put in millions of dollars to change the Dixie Stampede to a Pirate Show. Now that I have recently been to the Dixie Stampede again I can say I personally prefer the Pirate Show. The horses are amazing to watch but I just get worried about how happy they are to perform two times a day. I'm sure Dolly makes sure they are well taken care of. Just my preference though. We are thankful we seen the show though. Jeremiah enjoyed the horses and the stunts the riders did.

Jeremiah got a photo with a southern belle after the show...
Then we started the trek back to our hotel. We overheard the area is going to be really busy the next few days. We even heard one guy tell the trolley driver to call in sick. So we are a little worried about it but we will have to deal with it. Nothing much we can do about it really. Just please someone send some cooler air this way.


  1. Hot and humid, not a really good combination. But there is nothing you can do about it.
    Must have been another great show you had the chance to attend.

  2. Sounds like you're all having so much fun again!
    Who doesn't need a personal banjo guy too, it's what you give the woman who has everything LOL

  3. Ugh, hot and humid here too, I feel for you!
    Sweet picture with Jeremiah and his southern belle.

  4. Looks like a LOT of fun wrapped up in one day! The hot and humid part is not fun tho! It was feeling like 109 here yesterday. Not fun. The eclipse, on top of the attractions, will definitely be a busy time. Do take care!


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