Aug 18, 2017

Vacation Day #6

Our day started very odd. First we ate a breakfast here at our hotel. Then we decided to start the trolley trips back to Pigeon Forge.

We got on our first trolley and got to our first stop. We were waiting to load on our 2nd trolley. The lady who we had before started to lower the lift and I noticed a small amount of liquid squirt out of the left side. Um. Not good. It got lowered fully and the liquid was just gushing out. I was hoping it wasn't hydraulic fluid. She was ready to lift Jeremiah up to the trolley and with the push of the juice. Yep it just lost all it's hydraulic fluid. We felt bad but of course nothing anyone could have done to know it would have happened. Especially at that exact moment. Here is the trolley with the lift stuck open blocking the trolley depot...
Another trolley showed up to take us. We just kept saying Well at least Jeremiah wasn't on the trolley trying to get off. Right? How bad would that be??

The lady driving the next trolley was supposed to drop us off at this lower part of the Welcome Center since it's more flat. As she drove past it I said Um Excuse Me? She was having a really bad day. When she first got to work she drove her trolley off the lot and the fan belt blew. So she apologized and turned around to drop us off. No problem. Until she goes to hit the button to unload Jeremiah. Yep...not working. She called the mechanic to come help. The same guy who helped with the first trolley problem shows up. I told him I know I know we're grounded. But they were able to manually get it down and get Jeremiah unloaded safely after some tinkering around.

Our bad luck seemed over though. We made it where we wanted to go finally...
This area is called The Island in Pigeon Forge. There is restaurants, lots of stores, and several rides and things to do. (No we didn't ride the ferris wheel. They scare me to death!) Look at this crazy rope course too...
Nope. Not doing it. Even if you pay me! We did sit and watch several crazy kids run through the course. Crazy! We had a nice lunch with this friendly bear...
Jeremiah did some rock mining and found some beautiful large stones...
Then we went to our last dinner show...
This is another Dolly Parton show. I heard it's pretty new. It's called Smoky Adventures and it was lumberjack type of theme. We were very impressed with the show. There was a lot of acrobatic acts. Jeremiah really enjoyed it! I would say it's better than Dixie Stamped by far. Better than the Hatfield and McCoys by a little. Still our favorite is the Pirate Voyage in Myrtle Beach though. The food was delicious and we were very happy we went to the show.

By the way our trip back to the hotel was not near as eventful just took a forever because of all the people and traffic in the area. Now to finally sleep.


  1. Wow... what adventures you had with the Trolleys! But it is better than driving, eh? Glad you enjoyed the show. Now that you showed us that ropes course, I know what I saw when in Maryland this week... it was being built, but definitely just like that! Have more fun!

  2. That day ended better than it started!
    My son would expect me to run the rope course with him!

  3. Oh no, bad luck with the trolleys. But good to know that it finally was a successful vacation day.

  4. At least your evening was better than your morning! I'm glad Jeremiah didn't get stuck and they were able to get him off the 2nd one easily. Another great day after all!


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