Aug 19, 2017

Vacation Day #7

We started our day with a breakfast at our hotel. The breakfast room was packed and I heard our hotel is completely sold out. We had tickets for a show and one goal today. To find a TV Guide. My hubby has to setup our DVR at home for the week and it's a lot easier if we can find a TV Guide to see what will be on each day. So I started with a walk down to a Walgreens nearby. I decided to get some pop/soda (whatever you call it haha). Of course it was an easy walk down the mountain but not so easy back up with the pop haha. Oh well I made it but no TV Guide.

We left the hotel at about lunch time and started the 4 trolley trip over to Pigeon Forge again. Beside our show for tonight was a new to us Paula Deen restaurant. We have eaten at the one in Savannah and figured it would be just as delicious. We had about a half hour wait but we had time. Unfortunately we were disappointed with our food. I don't know if they were going too fast to serve all the people because of how busy it was but just didn't taste very good at all. Other than the creamed corn, which brought back memories of my Grandma's cooking, and dessert. We got done and walked over to our show for tonight...
They are a clean comedy show. They have been here for 25 years now even though they were told they would never be successful being a clean act. I've seen the show before back when Jeremiah was 1 but remembered it was just fantastic and couldn't wait to see it again. Boy I wasn't wrong. It was the best show! Juggling, Clogging (kind of like tap dancing for those who don't know), singing, and all the comedy was just the best. We laughed so hard. Plus they had a too cool parrot act where a bunch of different parrots did amazing tricks. Jeremiah LOVED the show and was just all smiles the whole time.

So on the way back we decided I would jump off the trolley at the Walmart to find our TV Guide. They always have them. Mom and Jeremiah stayed on to go to the hub in Pigeon Forge rather than have to get off and load on another time. I ran into the store. They had the TV Guide but the one from last week that is old after tomorrow. Not next week's that we need. Um. Weird. So guess what that means. I get to jump off at another place. Luckily there was a Publix grocery store down the road. I jumped off there and they had it...Wohoo! Crisis averted haha.

When I jumped on the trolley to get back to mom and Jeremiah the lady remembered me. She wondered why we were separated from each other. It's cute...we are recognized. Of course after so many days of using the trolley system they pretty much know us. She made sure to hurry and get me back to Mom and Jeremiah. Then we started our final 3 trolleys 10pm. The lady on our 2nd trolley was talking on the radio to tell the Red Route trolley we are on the way. The lady on the radio said Do you have Jeremiah? We couldn't believe it. Our driver said Yes I do. We were the only ones on the trolley. She asked permission to just go ahead and take us to our hotel. The lady on the radio said Yes just go ahead so they don't have to transfer again. How perfect. She told Jeremiah to have a good night and asked Would she see us tomorrow? We said No we are hiding in our room because of how busy it was. She said Okay see ya guys when you come back out. How awesome! What treatment. I love this area and this trolley system for sure. Yes it's a pain to have to take so many different trolleys but we have really enjoyed our time using the trolley system. Jeremiah feels like someone famous that's for sure.

Here are some pictures to explain how busy it is. The top picture is a Ripley's Aquarium. The line to get tickets was over an hour long. It's just so busy. The traffic is insane too.
Tomorrow we aren't going far at all. Time for a vacation from our vacation. We all need it.


Brigitte said...

Another great day for all of you. Good that you enjoyed the show so much after that not so good meal at the restaurant.

Maggee said...

Wow--that is crowded! We have been there in the mid-to-late spring, and had good times! I think it is WONDERFUL how the Trolley people remember you, and help you so much! It seems to be going above what they usually do, but maybe not! Enjoy the day, hanging out!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Awesome customer service! I hope that you will write to their boss and praise them up when you get home. People are always quick to write and complain.

Julie said...

Really enjoyed reading about your weeks adventures. How lovely to have people who really care about you and take notice of the public using their system. The shows looks great.

Astrids dragon said...

All Jeremiah has to do is smile and they'll remember him! I'm glad they took such good care of you, that does make it more special. I agree with Jo, letting them know they did a great job is always nice, I try to do it whenever it's deserved.
Whoa, that's crazy busy! No thanks!