Aug 25, 2017

Vacation Day #13

Today we headed back to Dollywood. It was finally a little cooler. Like 10 degrees lower. I still sweat horrible of course but I didn't feel like dying all day haha. Jeremiah has developed a head cold but we toughed it out and still had a great day. We started the day at the park with a fun car ride...
Jeremiah always loves doing these car rides. He drives like a crazy person though haha. He said he'll stick to the cars on tracks they are a lot more safe. We also got to see a wonderful gospel quartet show with Kingdom Heirs. They were fantastic and reminded mom of her dad and Uncle singing in their quartet so many years ago. We did a ton of walking and played some fun carnival games. We won a arm full of stuffed animals...
We even went back after this picture and won several more. Jeremiah got an awesome air brushed shirt. Mom said I always had them growing up so it was time for him to have one too...
Then we got to see a show called Wings of America. They are a foundation that raises awareness on birds of prey. It was a wonderful show!!!
Let's see. Top to bottom captions...1. The Show 2. Our great seats 3. Screech Owl 4. Barn Owl 5. Black Vulture 6. Bald Eagle. There was more but these are my favorite pictures to share. It was a great show. This group is responsible for so many different birds. I think they said they had 72 birds right now. They have also released 159 bald eagles back to the wild. Wohoo! At the end of the show they had a cute way of collecting donations...
His name was Tuck and he would take money out of your hand and put it in the box. He is a African Pied Crow. The money goes toward the care of the many birds of prey they take care of. We donated $20 and Jeremiah got an awesome t-shirt and bag. Fun but a great cause indeed. We really enjoyed the show. We headed back to hotel after another great day.


  1. Wow! That WAS a great day! Pretty cool t-shirt! And I especially liked the fact that they had a bird collect donations! Cool!

  2. Love the birds of prey, what a great show and a clever way to collect your money too! I did a Hawk Walk a couple of years ago, where you go out with a hawk and fly it while learning all about the birds. You need strong arms because you have to hold your hand out at arm's length and the bird comes swooping in to land on it!
    Maybe Jeremiah could learn to drive the trolley buses? They run on tracks!

  3. Oh my, that wildlife show must have been awesome. It's so good what this group of people do for all the birds of prey that they release back into the wild.

  4. A wonderful show, so cool the collector of your donation.
    Get well Jeremiah, hope your cold is soon gone.

  5. I love the owls! What a fun way to donate, the t-shirt is cute.

  6. Bird Shows are so interesting. Glad you had a fun time.


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