Aug 26, 2017

Vacation Day #14

Today we headed back to Dollywood for the last time. We started our day riding the coal train. We enjoyed it a lot. Then we ate at a delicious buffet we tried Friday and liked so much. After that we got to watch another music show that did a great variety of country music. We were singing and clapping along a lot. We also played some carnival games...
Jeremiah ended up winning big. He even won another one after this picture. It was a cute stuffed dog the size of the unicorn. Jeremiah had a blast. We ended our day with the musical show I loved so much the first day. It was a Dreamland Drive In show and again I would have paid full ticket price just for this show. They are fantastic singing and dancing plus the show is so well put together. Love it!!

On our way today we told the trolley lady it was our last time on the trolley's. So this evening she was hoping to run into us one last time. We were waiting for our red trolley and heard she was on the blue trolley. It was coming behind ours. First the purple one pulls up and the lady knew us from another few times. She jumped off her trolley and said I heard it's your last day on the trolley's and gave Jeremiah a HUGE hug. She said it was so nice to meet you guys and then got back on her trolley. How crazy to think we had affected her so much. Then we were loading on our red trolley. The guy helping load us said Sandy will be really upset if she doesn't see you guys. I said she's 3 minutes away. He seriously said there will be time and took his time loading Jeremiah onto the red trolley. Sandy pulled in but had to turn a loop before she could park behind us. She waved and pointed for us to wait. How do we make a trolley full of people wait? She then got on the radio and told the driver of our trolley to wait. He said Serious? She said Yeah I have people who need your trolley. By the time she pulled up her selt belt was off and she was jumping off her trolley to run to ours. No people needed our trolley she just literally gave us a reason to wait. She got on ours and gave Jeremiah a crazy big hug and kiss on the check. Then hugged Mom and Me and told us have a safe trip home. It was so sweet. She is the manager and has been involved with our entire trip so it was really neat to get such nice treatment from her. I know for a fact they aren't like they with everyone. We've heard so many comments about how Jeremiah's smile just brightens their days. How they are glad to have met him. How they enjoy just knowing he's who he is. I'm so thankful. Jeremiah loves life and we love each other. After walking around dealing with countless people who are just tired and grouchy it's sad to think we are the minority. I guess I'm glad we are different because I love being this way and couldn't imagine being any other way. How amazing to see how you have affected people in a positive way. Believe me I'm tired, hot, hurt from all the walking, have now caught Jeremiah's head cold, and totally sick of dealing with stupid people but I smile and treat others how I wish I was treated. Why be any other way?


  1. No wonder that Jeremiah was the trolley lady's darling :)) His smile is really charming, just as yours is. I totally agree with your attitude towards others and I often realize how my own smile can bring a smile to someone else's face.

  2. I can't recall EVER seeing a post that had Jeremiah frowning or NOT smiling his big old smile! Glad your time there was so terrific! What's next?? Hugs!

  3. Maggee stole my comment! Jeremiah does always seem to be so happy. Who can blame him? He does so many cool things and goes to so many great places with you. Some people would moan and complain about being in the wheelchair but he embraces life and all it has to offer. Including pretty waitresses and trolley operatives LOL
    He was definitely on a lucky streak with the games too. I love those traditional funfair games.

  4. A wonderful young man who touches the heart of all who meet him - what a great family you are.
    Lots of great wins.

  5. Wow, look at all those prizes! Yay Jeremiah!
    Well of course they wanted to say goodbye to you all, you can tell just from the pictures what a happy, cheerful, guy Jeremiah is. You are blessed!


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