Sep 27, 2017

September WIPocalypse

Boy this year has just flew by. What a fun year but I keep forgetting my sign in posts for my blog SALs. Sunday was supposed to be the WIPocalypse check in post. I meant to do it Monday morning. Here it is Wednesday haha. I keep blinking and missing days I guess. Let's get to it...

WIPocalypse is a fun SAL that I joined in a few years ago. It's a fun SAL to stitch all our projects before the apocalypse happens. I like to use it as an excuse to keep track of what I've worked on since the last WIPocalypse post and how many days I've spent on each project. The goal of course is to have finishes to celebrate. Of course with me I tend to have a bunch of new starts and no finishes haha.

My last post was in July. It was a sad check in. Since we've been traveling so much this year my stitching has sure suffered. But the memories we've been making are priceless so I wouldn't miss them for anything even my stitching. Let's see what I've been working on since July 31st.

Under the Sea SAL -- 4 Days. I started and finished up the May section...finally haha.
Two cute seahorses were added for May. Here is the whole piece now...
I have 14 Days into this one now.

Spring Bell Pull -- 5 Days. I've been working on the I block. Here it was before with 3 days of progress on the I block...
Here it is now with 8 days of progress...
Here is the whole piece...
With 32 days total. So close to a finish on the I block as you can see.

Flock Together by Hands on Design 2 Days. I take this one on vacation and try to work on it. So here and there it's getting progress. Here is what it looks like now after 4 days of work total...

Dream of the Sea Beach Club Kit -- 2 Days. I worked more on the pincushion. Here is my progress after 4 days total...
Here is a reminder of what the whole set looks like...
I've already finished the bottom right piece. This is the top right piece that I'm working on now.

June Snapshot -- 6 Days. I started on June finally. Here is where I was able to get to so far...

Halloween Mini's by Artecy -- 1 Day. I felt like doing something Halloween so I got a start on the Skeleton Face from this set...
Here is my start on it...

Unfortunately I've not worked on the Family Crest in this span. I feel so guilty about that. Hopefully I will fall back in love with it soon. I just needed a break. As you can see I've been bouncing around and just enjoying my stitching when I do have time. I've had 38 days of no stitching at all. So my time is still pretty crazy busy. We've had a wonderful vacation and 2 camping trips since July 31st also.

Next check in October 29th. Here's hoping I actually remember to post for it.


  1. So many darling projects here, Katie! I especially like the flamingo and the colors in that set.

    Enjoy these last few days of September!

  2. Wow, work on the I block went quickly. It is so pretty. The seahorses are adorable. The skeleton....not so much. Then again, I am not a fan of the scary part of Halloween. I just like the pumpkins and maybe a black cat. Enjoy your stitching.

  3. Love your post.... your Spring banner is really coming along! Those Halloween faces are scary! Great choice for a change of pace :o)

  4. What a great post - so many lovely projects! I love the Spring banner, there are so many fun details.

    Holidays and family time are more important than stitching - just!

  5. All your projects are looking great ! ' Spring' is my favourite one :)Even with so much travelling you still have lots to show stitching wise. I catch up on reading and sleep when I go on vacation,ofcourse, apart from site seeing with family.

  6. You have managed to make good progress on your various projects, considering you have been great times travelling and simply enjoying holidays!
    I'm amazed at how much progress was made on the Spring banner. It looks so nice.
    My other favourite is the Dream of the Sea set. How cute are those little designs. The pin cushion is going to look great.

  7. I like that countdown thingy on the right here... 12 days, 15 hours to PALS! We may end up at MB at that time, after all! Been trying to book but with the hurricanes and all... I think we are almost clear now! So, you've done a fair amount of stitching, considering your schedule! The banners and the Beach pieces are what catch my eye! Nicely done! Hugs!

  8. All these projects are so you - and you made some nice progress on them, Katie. Lovely little details you added to the letter I on the Spring Banner.

  9. You can see the progress that you've made when you post like this. The Spri banner looks lovely! I know there's a lot of work in that one.

  10. The spring banner is looking superb.

  11. Good for you - I love how many things you have going!

  12. That's quite a lot of progress! I love the Halloween Mini's.

  13. Beautiful progress on the Under the Sea sal and the Spring bellpull. The Halloween minis are intruging... off to Artecy to take a peek. Happy stitching!


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