Oct 30, 2017

Home Sweet Home and a New Project

We made it home safe and sound Saturday afternoon. It was a long 5 and half hour day. I think the only bad part of traveling is how you feel when you get home. I feel behind on everything. I keep telling myself I will catch up. I try not to let myself feel overwhelmed but as always there is a lot to do. Now is my favorite time of year. My lazy months. Yet I look ahead and we have a lot going on so I guess it's not completely lazy.

I did demand the weekend off pretty much after we arrived safe and sound. Stranger Things 2 was on Netflix and yes I had a lot to do but it could wait till today to be started. So guess what we did all weekend? Yep watched Stranger Things 2. Oh I'm so glad we did. It was great. We ended the 9 episodes 10 minutes before the new episode of The Walking Dead. LOL Like we planned it....sure haha. I didn't stitch at all though. I organized my things while putting them away but no stitching. Couldn't look away from the action on the TV.

It feels great to be home. Felt great to pet my dog again. Felt even better to get hugs from my hubby. Poor guy got severe poison ivy all over his arms from doing some yard work while we were gone. It looks horrible. But the work done looks amazing. I told him to hug me without using his arms haha. He is on meds though and it is clearing up quickly. He is so happy to have us home again. He said it gets too quiet without us. Is that a nice way of saying we are loud?

So now is the scramble catching up with everything. It will be done. Sometime. I hope. Onto stitching related news...

I showed you everything I was lucky enough to purchase at the PALs retreat. I got some projects I just can't wait to start. But guess what...I also bought something to be shipped here while I was gone. Have you seen the Dimension kit called Christmas Jars???
For some reason I fell in love with this kit. We love jars. We love decorated jars. How about stitched decorated jars?!? I was trying to behave though because we all know I don't need another project. Right? I mean come on. How many do I need? Then a friend posted she bought it. Jealously kicked in of course. She got hers at Hobby Lobby. We had a trip to Hobby Lobby planned. I hurried to see if they had it...nope. So I went to 123stitch to order it because if your friend has is....you have to right? It was sold out! What? Sold Out! No! I put my name on a list to get an email if it came back into stock. I got the email while we were gone. Now come on I bought several new pieces. Santa shopped a lot too. So why did I need another project. Because. It's cute. It looks fun. It's a kit so you don't have to buy threads. See I need it? LOL So I ordered it of course. (Good thing too because I notice it is sold out again!) It got here safe waiting for me to arrive home. The other pieces I want to start I need to kit up. Guess what is kitted up already and waiting for me impatiently. Yep the Christmas Jars. So I will be starting it today. If you didn't already assume that from this long post about it haha. First I need to get my WIPocalypse post. I'll be right back with that.


  1. Omg, those are so cute! I'm not surprised they keep selling out. I must resist!

  2. Glad you are all safely back home and enjoyed a lazy weekend (I had one too with a stitching Sunday). Bliss!
    Great new stash!!

  3. That is a cute project, sure you are going to enjoy all the sweetness stitching it:) My daughter completed watching starnger things 2 on netflix. I usually don't watch netflix much.

  4. I can see why they are so popular, they are so cute.

  5. Good to read that you made it home safely. And I think it was a must to have a weekend of rest after the long trip and the cold and cough you had to deal with.
    It's always great to have friend who knows how to enable us, lol. That new kit is so sweet and I think you will love stitching it.

  6. Glad you are home safe and sound. Everything chore-wise can wait if you want to watch tv... no biggie. sorry about hubby getting poison ivy. Gee whiz! What a ride you took to get that Dimensions kit of Christmas Jars! They are cute tho... Hugs!


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