Oct 27, 2017

Vacation Day #25

We made it safely to our hotel for the night. We are the hotel we always stay at for our first and last night. That means I get my favorite pasta dish tonight for dinner.....YUMMY. We stopped at Tamarack today and I took photos like I told you I wish I did the first time. For those who have traveled along with me. Remember those wood tools I told you about...
They are real working tools that are made from real wood. See the price on the maglight flashlight?? $1,334. Expensive but the fact they are made from wood is just amazing.

They were also having a pumpkin painting contest. You were given tokens and each pumpkin had a box you put your token in to vote. We had so much fun looking at the beautiful pumpkins. I heard there is a really nice big prize but not exactly sure how much it was. There were different age groups and things like that to make it fair. Here are the ones we voted for...
 Mom voted for Snoopy....her favorite.
 Jeremiah voted for the ice cream because he thought it was really creative.
I voted scary. This one was creepy!!!
Here are some of the other ones...
We really enjoyed the contest. We also had fun today on the toll road. There are 3 stops and the charge is $2 each stop. So we decided to do a pay it backward and paid $2 extra for the person behind us. One time the couple sped up and waved and gave us thumbs up. We really enjoyed giving 3 people a reason to smile hopefully. Maybe they will pay it forward somehow now. Spread a little happiness in this world. 

Tomorrow we should be home. It will be a long travel day but we really are looking forward to making it.


  1. I've got so behind with blog reading that you're almost home! Loved seeing those gorgeous pumpkins, I would have voted with Jeremiah. What a fun idea at the toll booths! Safe journey home.

  2. Such a funny pumpkin contest. There are some very creative ones. And that exhibition of tools made of wood is overly interesting. I have never seen such a thing before.
    I love the idea how you made some people happy and smiling .

  3. I know you are home today...and no doubt resting! Those tools are exquisitely detailed, but they can't be serious about the price?? You cannot usually get a fair price for hand done products that reflects all the hours put into it... nobody could afford it! Thanks for sharing your vacation again... loved going along! Hugs!

  4. I've enjoyed reading about your trip this time.
    I do hope you are able to enjoy this retreat with your friends again, shame the hotel has been sold to another group.
    You've had some fabulous advetures, shame about the germs that arrived to spoil your restful sleeping at night.
    Hope you are home safely and all recovering back to good health.
    Great pumpkins, what imagination people have.

  5. Those tools are incredible! As are the prices...
    Love the painted pumpkins. I like the Nemo one and the purple scenic one. My favourites are the ones that play on the shape of the pumpkin as part of the design rather than just using it as a canvas.

  6. What a great outing that was! The wooden tools look amazing, some serious talent out there :)
    I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at those pumpkins, great fun!!
    Oh you're so sweet spreading some joy at the toll :)


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