Oct 16, 2017

PALs Retreat 2 More Booths to Share

I realized I forgot to post 2 booths. This is Fern Ridge Collection. They are the lovely ladies who I took the beaded fob class with. I just love their beautiful beaded fobs and matching needle books.
The last one I forgot to share is Jeannette Douglas Designs from Canada. Her booth is dangerous I really just ran by it with my eyes closed haha. I love her stuff though. The pumpkin pincushion in the one basket has been on my wishlist for several years. Guess what? I won it in a drawing. How cool!

So now you have seen all the wonderful booths we got to shop at...
Plus this gorgeous view...
No wonder I kept going back for 7 years. It was a wonderful run. This was Amy's 20th retreat in Myrtle Beach. Time to see what's next now.


  1. I'm sure I would have found something in each booth to take home with me. These booths can be so dangerous as you say, lol.

  2. Dangerous for your purse, lol!!!
    Maybe Santa saw you drooling over some and might put them in his gift sack... for Christmas ;) I hope you've been a good girl this year!

  3. More wonderful things to see and drool over! Just a thought, but IF you still want to come to MB next year, and there is no PALS, I can come down too, and we can stitch together/hang out at my timeshare or whatever! Just thinkin...

  4. Those stalls are seriously dangerous for the purse! I would have to save all year and then have a massive splurge.


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