Oct 16, 2017

Vacation Days # 12, 13 and 14

So now let's get back to the us vacationing part. Plus I didn't get to share my stitching with you from Friday and Saturday.

Friday I started a new piece. It's a freebie I got at a stitching store from Hands on Design that says To The Beach. I can't find a photo to show you what it will look like. It goes along with her 12 To The Beach designs. Here is my start on it though...
I'm using the suggested GAST threads and 32ct lugana for it. I had to start the E before I went to bed because it looked like I had tried to spell TOOTH and spelled it wrong haha.

Saturday I got out one of my Erica Michael tiny beach projects called Ocean of Wisdom. Here is what it will look like...
Here is where I was last time Nov 2016...
Here is where I am now...
I just love working on these silk gauze pieces.

Sunday we were back to being a tourist. It was our last day in Myrtle Beach. We went back to our favorite seafood buffet and ate ourselves miserable. Then we went to Broadway at the Beach. It's a fun place full of shopping and entertainment. We had stopped there to have lunch at Wahlburgers but didn't get to shop because of the rain. We had a really nice time. Jeremiah and me went on a really fast speed boat ride...
It would flip around real fast and speed through the water. I was kind of surprised Jeremiah was willing to try it. He did and he loved it. We also had a lot of fun feeding the carp and ducks...
We really had fun shopping and walking off our lunch. Then we went back to one of the arcades we had played at Friday for lunch. We had found this Walking Dead video game where you could work together to shoot zombies like you were in the show. Jeremiah and me had a blast and wanted to play it again. Here we are having way too much fun...
Jeremiah kept asking wonder what was coming next because Friday we had stopped playing without completing the whole story. We played it all the way through the story Sunday so now we can rest haha. It was really fun.

Today we hit the road and made our way up here to Kill Devil Hills. Which is also known as OBX or Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is one of my mom's favorite place on Earth and I have understood why for probably 4 years now. It's beautiful. We can relax and just enjoy the ocean. It was a long drive today. 6 hours. Plus it rained about 2 of those hours so we were really tired by the time we got here. We are planning on staying here till Monday.....or moving haha.

Now I think I have finally caught you up. Thanks for joining in my adventure.


  1. Another great post!
    What a lovely trip you're all having.

  2. I'll be right there! Hahaha! It IS a great place, when the weather cooperates! Kinda windy today, eh? LOVE LOVE that piece you are stitching, tho I would use linen to save my eyes!! Hugs!

  3. A great fun vacation! I enjoyed seeing the shops and goodies in your previous posts as well:)

  4. Another lovely ocean stitch! Looks like you are having a fantastic time.

  5. Oceans of Wisdom is a great piece. And you seemed to have a lot of fun on the "speed boat".


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