Oct 12, 2017

Vacation Day #10 PALs Retreat Day 2

I got permission this morning to share with my readers some of the vendors who were setup. I have a few more to take photos of tomorrow. So now you can see how lucky we are at the PALs Retreat to have these designers right here for us to shop with.
Silver Creek Samplers. Look at the 3 beautiful ocean themed designs. Yes I have them.... now to finish them so one day they look like these.
Rovaris came from Italy. I love her designs! See those beautiful key chains!
Blackberry Lane Designs. She does gorgeous tiny things but they can also be stitched on larger fabric too.
Noteworthy Needle has the replacement for thread heaven.. They are a lot more cute too!! Just look her up and order some beeswax. She also has beautiful projects. Look at these cute pail wraps you can get. They can also go on magnet boards.
Praiseworthy Stitches has so many gorgeous things. Look at that gorgeous ocean themed box. Oh my! I would never be able to finish it into a box though. Plus the ocean themed drum. How beautiful!! So many fun things.

I will try to get the rest of the vendors tomorrow hopefully. See why Santa loves coming here. See why I love coming here. I have things piled up to share with you ladies later.  My purchases at least. I doubt Santa will share his purchases. They are secrets.....shhhh.

I also took two classes today. One was from Fern Ridge. They do these gorgeous beaded fob kits. I bought one several years ago but when I tried to figure it out I just couldn't understand it. Here is my spot ready for class...
This beautiful sand castle was made for this class I think. How cute!! Boy I had a hard time learning this. We had to learn the 2 needle peyote stitch. Um... What?? Where does this needle go? So I did the whole first 9 rows.....wrong. So undo. Redo. Then I did up to the rows where you add new colors.....wrong....undo...redo....Wait....I think I got it! Finally. It was like a bolt of lightning hit me. Duh. What was I doing wrong. So I didn't get very far because of all my mistakes...
But I'm pretty sure now I have an understanding on what to do. Hopefully. So glad I took this class!!

My last class was from Erica Michaels to learn how to finish a strawberry. Here are examples of them...
I love how they look on display. Here is our class project...
The top picture is the finished example. I just really wanted to steal it haha. I'm pretty sure I got it though. Now to do the stitching and attempt the finishing....hopefully this winter.

After all that learning I was able to stitch the evening away. Remember my To the Beach piece from yesterday. I kept working on it today. I got the first side complete...
I even got it outlined for when I am ready to finish it. I got a little start on the 2nd side...
Okay that's a lot of photos to share. I sure had a great day. Lots of shopping, laughs, hugs, fun, and stitching.


  1. Lots of lovely goodies to look at,sounds like a fun retreat:)

  2. I've got lots of friends at quilters' and stitchers' retreats this weekend. Maybe one of these years I'll make it to one. It looks like so many goodies; I just might go broke. Have a fantastic time! Andrea

  3. Fun retreat! So much 'eye candy'! The strawberries are wonderful...haven't tried stitching one of those, yet! Hopefully, in the near future, I will be able to go to a retreat and meet some fabulous stitchers! hugs, queeny

  4. So many pretty things to see.
    Do you visit Lindsays blog - http://purplepds.blogspot.co.uk/ - she does some amazing beadwork. Well done on yours.

  5. It all looks so wonderful! So many gorgeous models stitched up and so much for Santa to stash away!
    Nice work on the beading, glad that you got the technique in the end. The strawberries are cute too.
    And you started the sandcastle like I told you to do LOL

  6. All these designers whose designs you can see finished up, and all these classes you can take, oh my, what a treat.

  7. Thanks for sharing the stitching fun around ! That's great you attended classes and learned new things.

  8. This place looks like cross stitch heaven!!!! ;)

  9. wow, looks amazing, those lightbulb moments are great when it finally clicks


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