Oct 20, 2017

Vacation Day #18

Last night was horrible. I literally only slept minutes here and there. I coughed the entire night. When I woke up this morning Mom was really worried about me. I told her it's probably one of those things that has to run it's course. She wanted to take me to the urgent care place. I know I sound bad. My cold has now moved to one of those cough from your toes type. Ouch. My sides, throat, and basically whole body hurts from the coughs I get. But I know before they just say it will pass. So why waste money to get looked at?

So Mom put me in time out and I was not allowed to leave the room today. She went out and went shopping which is not common for her to do alone. She did great though. She even had fun and found some new stores we hadn't stopped at before. Jeremiah baby sat me and actually this new medicine we got yesterday is helping ease my coughs. It is slowing them down. They still hurt when I get them but they are slowing down. She got another med to hopefully knock me out tonight. That will help. I don't want another night like that night. Tomorrow we found a festival to go to and I will not let this cold win!

So all I did was lay on the couch and watch TV shows today. No pictures to share. So I found this fun cartoon to share instead...


  1. I just read somewhere that Pineapple and pineapple juice will help a cough and cold. Couldn't hurt and the vitamin C is always good for you.


  2. Oh poor you! I hope you manage to shake off that cold!
    I hope the meds your mum found do the trick and you can all enjoy the festival.

  3. hope you are feeling a little less rough now and that the medication is helping ... honey lemon and whiskey helps too according to DH ... love mouse xxxxx

  4. That must have been so bad, Katie, not being able to sleep because of that cough. But with the new medication you hopefully will sleep better .


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