Oct 21, 2017

Vacation Day #19

I finally was able to get some pretty good sleep. NyQuil will fix anything. This morning I felt a lot better. My coughing is coming a lot farther apart. It still hurts really bad when it hits but it's farther apart. I might survive. Now Jeremiah has a runny nose. I really hope that is all he gets.

Anyway we had heard about this seafood festival going on today and decided it sounded too much fun to not head out to see what it was all about...
There was food from several local restaurants. That way you could try out so many different dishes. We ate way too much of course. There was also a large area of local craft vendors we enjoyed looking at. They had bands playing all day. They also had some local businesses setup. One was from a TV show mom loves to watch called Wicked Tuna. I saw the sign and told mom I wondered if she would know the person. She was so excited. She ran up and asked the guy for a picture with him...
I was so proud of her because I thought she would act shy. Nope. She was like a little kid haha. His name is Griffin and he's on the Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks show in a boat called Reels of Fortune. He is one of mom's favorite. How cool. She bought a shirt and he signed it for her. It was a great day! We also got to watch them mending a net...
It was a very nice day indeed.


  1. Yum seafood! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. Fingers crossed Jeremiah isn't poorly.

  2. Yes, I do hope Jeremiah does not progress in that sickness... but... if it is hurting to cough, in your lungs, that could be bad. Just be careful... I am on a second round of antibiotics for strep my granddaughter gave me... and still don't feel better! I heard the words Super Bug when I was at the doctor's office. Joy... :( Take care now!

  3. This seemed to have been a real fun festival with all the things going on there.


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