Oct 22, 2017

Vacation Day #20

Today we finally got to do something we had been wanting to do...
We went on a wild horse tour. Go to this link to find out more about the wild horses that live in Corolla. We had wanted to do this before but with the Hurricane last year we didn't get to. Today the weather was perfect. We got to see around 15 beautiful wild horses too. Plus drive off road along the ocean. Jeremiah was so happy. He also got to ride in the passenger seat so he was one happy kiddo. Here are some pics...
Love the bird on the horses back in the bottom picture. They have a friendship. The birds eats the bugs that bother the horse. Pretty smart friendship. We really enjoyed our trip to see these beautiful wild horses. I'm glad people are letting them be. There are really big fines for bothering them and our guide said they are really watched closely. I'm glad. They deserve to be left alone.

Now Jeremiah and Mom both have my cold of course. One time I really wish I didn't share with them. Please send healing wishes their way.


  1. Sounds like a great time was had.Lovely horses. I hope your mom and Jeremiah get better quickly.

  2. Man, I hope you ALL get well soon! Colds are hard...That is a Cattle Egret on the horse. Adorable tiny egrets... Thanks for sharing as always! Hugs!

  3. What a lovely outing! The weather certainly looked gorgeous, it makes a nice change from the wind and heavy rain we're currently having in UK :)

  4. What a great adventure this but have been. Glad that you could do it in spite of the cold you all have.


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