Oct 23, 2017

Vacation Day #21

Today was brought to us by cough syrup. Poor Jeremiah woke up at 5am and coughed till 8am. So Mom went to the store to get some cough medicine as soon as she could. Of course cough medicine doesn't stop it just slows it down. But at least he got some relief.

After we finally got him settled down we were able to head out and do some souvenir shopping. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so we wanted to squeeze everything we could into today. We had a late lunch at our favorite restaurant Jolly Roger. We got some stuff put into the van and reorganized. Wonder if we will be able to fit all our souvenirs in for the trip home? LOL

Tomorrow is our last day here. We have a few plans if they don't get rained out. Then we'll start our trip home Wednesday. We aren't looking forward to the trip home. It would be nice to just poof the van and us home instead of the 3 long days of driving for mom. She is doing a little better today but boy last night I was really worried about her. Diabetes and a bad cold are never good friends. This morning she felt a little more human. Here's hoping with tomorrow she has another good day of healing too. Sorry for the boring post today.


  1. That nasty cold would have managed to go round the three of you. Wishing you all a speedy recovery for the journey home.

  2. A spoonful of honey gives lot of relief from the pain caused by bouts of cough. Hope you all are in good health and back home safely.

  3. So sorry they both caught the cough/cold and hope they're able to get some good rest. I definitely agree with Preeti, honey is a great way to help the throat, although your Mom would have to watch how much she has.

  4. So sorry to read that you all aren't feeling well because of that nasty cold. I hope that you will feel a lot better when it's time to drive home.

  5. Did not realize Mom was sick too...:( Speedy recovery to you all!


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