Oct 24, 2017

Vacation Day #22

This morning we were treated to a Shrimp boat right out our window...
We really enjoyed watching it and all the birds flying around enjoying the leftovers.

Jeremiah slept in till about 11am. I was so glad. Of course the medicine really knocked him out whether he wanted to sleep that long or not. When he woke up he said he felt like he had got hit by a truck but finally his cough eased up today. When he coughs it hurts his whole little body so I'm glad it has eased up. So we were able to head out and enjoy our last day here in OBX.

We went to our favorite restaurant for a late breakfast called Jolly Roger. We love it so much. They know us and treat us like locals. We were getting ready to leave and Jeremiah picked out a new shirt from the restaurant to show how much he loves it and the manager gave it to Jeremiah. How sweet. She also gave him a big hug. It was so special. That's an excellent way to run a restaurant....sure keeps us coming back.

After that we went to this cute antique store we had been to before. When I walked through the door I thought I was in the wrong place. They had totally redone the whole place and it was fantastic. They had an all new consignment store with fantastic prices even better. We were so glad we stopped by. More Christmas presents were purchased and loaded into the van. Might as well call the van Santa's sled at this point. But why wait and get stuff at home when you can get really special things while on vacation.

After that we drove down the coast again to visit the windsurfers and say Goodbye.
In the 2nd to the last photo you can see Cape Hatteras Lighthouse standing proud. It is a long drive down there to see them but so worth it. Since it was so windy today there were a lot of kite boarders and wind surfers to watch. When we got back into town we ate at a buffet we enjoy so Jeremiah and me could have Snow Crab legs one last time before heading home.

Tomorrow we will start the trip home. We will take our time and stop whenever we need to.


Mii Stitch said...

So glad you're all slowly getting over the unwanted cold. Seems like you had another great day.
Take care and safe journey back home.

Maggee said...

Hopefully, as you head home you get to feeling better! Great pictures of the many kinds of surfers! Hugs!

Brigitte said...

Good to read that Jeremiah is feeling already better.
A great way to spend your last day by the sea.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great way to spend the last day of your holiday. Hope the fresh sea air helped with the colds.
Good idea to buy the presents on holiday too, Santa will bring memories as well as gifts.