Oct 4, 2017

Vacation Day #2

We had another successful travel day. If you have followed our trips before you've heard me talk about this fun place we stop at while on this route. It's called the Tamarack and it's in West Virginia along Interstate 77. Mom saw a bunch of billboards for it this first time she was traveling along this route many years ago. She was so glad she stopped and now it has become a place we try to always visit when passing by. They display all this local artwork and creations and it's always changing so you never know what you might see. It is pretty expensive for a lot of it but always fun to look at anyway of course. They even have some artists in workshops where you can watch them work. They also have a nice cafeteria that works great for our lunch break.

One new display this time was these amazing wooden tools that actually worked but was made of wood. They had a chainsaw and a drill along with a lot of other types of tools. I didn't take pictures since it was someone's artwork but now that I'm talking about it and trying to explain it I wish I would have just to help explain it. Maybe I'll grab a picture on the way back through.

We hit the road again after our lunch stop. We decided to stop for the night at...
Wytheville, VA. We kind of wanted to make it farther but we were tired and sore and said Hey this is supposed to be fun so we stopped for the day. Why make ourselves miserable no one has set our stops and our reservation in Myrtle Beach doesn't start till Friday anyway. Thanks for traveling along with us. Now to go rest and maybe even stitch.


  1. I always, always, always enjoy reading about your vacations! I've heard so many great things about Myrtle Beach. It's on my bucket list...if I can ever get myself out of this Disney rut. Happy travels! Andrea

  2. Yes, I remember you writing about Tamarack. Good to read that you had fun there.

  3. Sounds like you had a great stop at Tamarack.
    Always enjoying reading about your holiday :)

  4. I remember that place from your previous visit. Maybe if you ask permission they will say yes. Or get Jeremiah to smile sweetly at them!


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