Oct 6, 2017

Vacation Day #4

We woke up and the ocean was outside our window. That means we are here. No traveling to get here any more. Wohoo. We decided to check our hotel's new restaurant for breakfast. It was a buffet and it was good but a little costly. After that we headed to a place we have loved going to before...
Wohoo a flea market. We've been here every year we've visited Myrtle Beach. Sometimes we find nothing but you just never know. Today we had a blast. We got a whole bunch of stuff. We even found some Christmas presents for each other haha. Shh don't tell us. We had a great time.

After that we stopped at a grocery store to buy some goodies and bought a picnic lunch to have at our room. We came back to rest a bit and to relax. Yep it's a vacation that's okay. This evening we went to one of our favorite buffets...Giant Crab. Yum....Snow Crab Legs!! Jeremiah and me ate like pigs. Since it was the evening it was busy but that meant they really kept the food coming out and it was better than the last few times we've ate there. So now there's a check on another great day.


  1. I love hearing about your travels. That is so funny that you got yourselves Christmas presents. Christmas will be here before we know it, so it's not as crazy as it seems. Looking forward to reading more about this vacation.

  2. So funny that you already found Christmas presents for each other at the Flea Market. And these snow crab legs must have been delicious.

  3. Christmas shopping on your vacation....that did make me smile.

  4. It's a Food-cation!
    Well done on the early start for presents too.

  5. Gotta check out that Flea Market if I ever get down there... he changed his mind again, so... not going right now... Sigh... You enjoy!


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