Oct 7, 2017

Vacation Day #5

We were watching TV and heard an ad for a local event. They have Art in the Park. It's held in a local park area and they have local artists setup and sell their creations. We were so happy we heard about it because we had been to it before and just LOVED it. So after breakfast at our favorite breakfast place The Golden Egg we headed to the park.
It was pretty busy. I bet there were about 30 booths setup. So many different things and I said right away Oops We better leave I want one of everything haha. We would say Oh look here. Oh look at that. Wow what a great idea. Some things we couldn't live without but I can't share photos because Santa stole some of the stuff for Christmas presents since Christmas is so close. Traveling and seeing these beautiful things is perfect. Definitely something Santa can't find in Indiana all the time ya know. I found this adorable frog hot pad to include in my exchange package that I will use at retreat. I hope it helps the person who receives it keep the stitching frogs away...
Then I found these cute paintings. I bought these to display for the upcoming Christmas season. So Santa was not allowed to steal them haha...
Then this other booth had things made out of pop tabs. Just in case this doesn't translate well for my over the pond readers it's the top of soda cans that you pull to open the can. Hope that makes sense. Anyway she had purses made out of them! She crocheted the pop tabs together to make adorable bright purses. I'm not the type to really carry a purse though so I kept looking around at her booth at her other creations...
The cute fairy keychain on the left has the pop tabs behind it to hold the fairy charm. She just had to follow me home. The necklace on the right is too cool. Here is how it was made...
How cool is that. I like to hang trinkets from my stitching floor lamp. So this will look perfect hanging from there with my other fun things I've collected. The rest of the things will have to be shared after Santa finally returns them to us. It was a great time. So glad we heard about it in time to attend again.

It's been a rainy day here but luckily we were able to get our shopping fun done in time. Then we relaxed and enjoyed the stress free sound of the ocean waves. We had a delicious dinner at Thorny's which is a steak house type of place. It was really yummy. Another wonderful vacation day.


  1. So cool what you found at the Art Show.

  2. I do love a craft fair! We would call those tabs ring pulls and say she makes handbags out of them. Which I would love to see.
    Great day out and supporting local crafters too.

  3. I always enjoy an Art in the Park affair. It looks like you had some great finds! I adore that frog hot pad to keep the stitching frogs away. I look forward to seeing more of your fun travel updates. Andrea

  4. Lovely craft things ! Nice to have crafty fun on vacation.

  5. Wow, that was a great outing! Love the idea of making ornaments or other with can pull rings, this is so clever!!!

  6. Another thing to remember and watch for, if I get down there!

  7. I love finding shows like that if I'm away from home, what a treat! And you got some great pre-Christmas things.

  8. What a great event, some crafters are so creative, how can you can make a bag from those??


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