Oct 8, 2017

Vacation Day #6

Today we had a nice lazy start to our day. Felt good to sleep in a bit. Then we headed out. When we are in the area we love going to AC Moore...
The only time I see them is when we travel to the east coast area. It's like Hobby Lobby and Michaels got together and had a baby. It's HUGE like a hobby lobby. Quality like Michaels. Yet cheap prices. We always have fun shopping there. (Sorry for the foggy picture. The humidity was so high today the camera fogged up haha.) We got a large bag of goodies. Some fun crafts to do together for Christmas season. Jeremiah got two cute pairs of Halloween socks. The stitching section was really small so I didn't find anything but believe me I tried haha. I did end up with 3 more of those metal kits that I showed like the monorail I did. It was definitely a nice shopping trip.

When we have traveled to OBX we found this delicious seafood buffet called Captain George's. When we were eating there we seen they had one here in Myrtle Beach too. So we added it to our to do list for while here. So after shopping we headed to eat. Oh my goodness. It was delicious!! Definitely my new favorite buffet while here in Myrtle Beach. Poor Giant Crab is sorry we found it. It's the same price and the food is A LOT better. Look at the cute buffet...
Plus the dessert was amazing. Look at this adorable pudding dish...
It was evidently too cute to eat. No one took any of it haha. We were so miserable after eating plus the rain moved in again. So we headed back to our room. We like to plug in our Roku and catch up on our favorite TV shows. The rain outside didn't ruin our day. It was actually really beautiful to watch over the ocean. I should have took a picture but I was busy...
Stitching. This is now 3 days of progress. Slowly making progress.


  1. Lovely to read about your travels. It always sounds so relaxed! Hope you have another great day tomorrow.

  2. Oh my, a craft store. Is there anything better to visit during vacations? Lol.
    Nice progress on your little stitchy project.

  3. Oh my word! Look at that huge boat and the pudding 😍

  4. Um, someone moored a ship inside that restaurant LOL
    No-one ever wants to be the first one to cut into an unstarted dessert either.
    Nice to see some stitching progress too.

  5. No AC Moore's around here, either. Maybe one day I'll get to visit one. That buffet looks delicious. Glad you found some stitching time. Happy travels! Andrea

  6. Sounds like a great day. A craft store and yummy food, topped up with some stitching, can't complain really ;)

  7. That's great fun! And you could manage some stitching too.

  8. I go to ACMoore every once in a while, everything else is much closer. Cool restaurant, and the dessert does look good.
    At least the ocean inspired your stitching!

  9. Love those ships sails inside the restaurant... cool!


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