Nov 24, 2017

Under the Sea SAL

I told you I thought the Under the Sea SAL would have to stay out so I could get a start on the mermaid. Guess what...
I was able to get the whole July section finished up after 4 days. She had 5 little fish join her and some sea weed to complete the whole section. Here is the whole project now only missing 5 blocks...
This is after 21 days total now. I am still just amazed at how perfect it looks as not only each individual part but then as a whole piece. Love it!!  Now this one is going away for a bit. The 2nd Christmas jar ornament is screaming to be started.

I hope my US friends had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We did. We survived the shopping, prepping, cooking, and the eating haha. My hubby asked for green bean casserole this year. So I got to try making it for my first time. I was so happy it turned out delicious. He was very happy and had two heaping plates full. Mom made her very complicated crock pot potatoes and they were really yummy. What a pain though. We joked about we will definitely not be making them any time soon. We also had deviled eggs, veggies and homemade dip, olives, pickles, and a cheese plate. Plus Ham and Turkey of course. Mom and me made two pumpkin pies and I don't eat them but I heard they turned out good too. It was DELICIOUS. It's hard without having my mom's family. We sure miss them in these special times even more than everyday but we did our best to make it special in our own way. They were with us of course. We could feel them watching over us.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Tomorrow we will bring in our tubs of decorations so we can get the process of putting away our Fall stuff and getting ready for Christmas next week. I love Christmas decorations so I'm ready even though it is a lot of work. Hopefully we will also get to relax and I'll get some progress on my 2nd Christmas jar to show you on Monday.


  1. Love the Under the Sea SAL. I am impressed that it does not divide into blocks when you look at the whole piece. That must have taken some careful planning on the designer's part.

  2. It's looking lovely and you are doing great with the SAL. Can't wait to see your Christmas jar.

  3. Your Thanksgiving holiday sounds wonderful. And really perfect with the family celebrating together and all the yummy food.
    Good to see that you could finish the July part the SAL. Love the mermaid. And I love the view of all the parts together.

  4. and here is the mermaid... she's so lovely,
    Your thanksgiving sounds fabulous.

  5. Beautiful mermaid!!! I'm so glad you had a good Thanksgiving, making memories.

  6. The Under the Sea SAL piece is coming along nicely! You did a fair amount, considering how busy you are! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!


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