Nov 20, 2017

November IHSW

IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend) was the perfect excuse to park it on my couch and STITCH the weekend away. Boy I did just that mostly. I appreciate my family for playing along. My hubby had plans all weekend. He volunteered with his local amateur radio club to help out at their Ham Fest which is like a retreat but all geek stuff haha. He had a great time.

My weekend goals was to finish up the June section on the Under the Sea SAL and catch up on a few shows off my DVR. (Once Upon a Time and Riverdale for those curious -- which I was able to catch up on Wohoo) Friday I pretty much didn't leave the couch. It was wonderful. Here is where I got on the June section after Friday...
The jelly, sea star and upper right yellow fish were added. Plus the seahorse had a few more bubbles and the small piece of corral added by the right side of the sea star.

Saturday we had some plans in the evening and I didn't seem to do near as much...
The yellow fish and corral by the seahorse and some of the next jelly was added. A friend came down from Michigan to visit the Geek  Ham Fest and ended up volunteering with Fred all weekend. He crashed on our couch for the night. So we went out for dinner together after the convention was over Saturday. We watched Hitman's Bodyguard together afterward which was really funny. It was a fantastic visit so I didn't miss the missed stitches too much.

Sunday they were gone before I woke up which was okay because I got back to stitching and finished up the June section...
Here is the whole piece now...
Just so in love with how this looks together. Durene Jones is an extremely talented designer that's for sure. I think it's going to stay out to play some more because the next section has a beautiful mermaid to add.

I really enjoyed the new Facebook IHSW group. It was fun to see the others posting pictures of what they were working on. I do notice Saturday I spent too much time on the internet and not enough time stitching so Sunday I tried to keep it away and stitch instead. Now I need to go catch up on emails and blog reading to see what everyone was up to this weekend.


  1. Such a wonderful design and you are making great progress!

  2. I just LOVE this piece! Your work is lovely and I cannot wait to see your mermaid!

  3. This is my favourite SAL to follow that have been going on this year.Beautiful.

  4. It is looking wonderful ! Unfortunately, we had a family emergency so could not do any stitching on weekend.

  5. You were stitching up a storm during the weekend and it was worth it. The June part on this beautiful SAL is done. Looks absolutely gorgeous.

  6. LOL, Katie, the mermaid IS wonderful. I just finished her a week or two ago, and she was such fun. I also think Durene is a talented designer. She's really made some cute things in Under the Sea. So I'm currently taking a break to do Christmas stitching. One gift left to go after this one. I've gone two done, one in progress, and one started that needs to be finished. I should make it with plenty of time. Glad to see your UTS. It looks great!!!

  7. Your Under The Sea looks wonderful! Great job :)

  8. Great work and I agree with both your points - the new group is so much fun but also a big distraction!
    The Under The Sea SAL is so pretty and perfect for you.

  9. This ones looking fabulous, cant wait to see your mermaid added.


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