Dec 15, 2017


It's the 3rd weekend of the month. That means it's IHSW -- International Hermit Stitch Weekend. It's the excuse we all need to tell everyone leave us alone and let us stitch. It's also the blur of December. The preparation for Christmas. The stress of making sure everything is done and ready for the big day.

I have emails to respond to. Blogs to visit. Things that I could be doing.

Guess what I'm going to do...

Park my bum on the couch, kick up my feet, and STITCH!!!

I'm going to start the December Snapshot today which is just too cute. Yes I do have a few plans this weekend that I can't put off. But every other second I will do my best to stitch and get some of my stress to fall away through those lovely X's. 

I hope you can join me. We all deserve it. See ya Monday.


  1. Happy Stitching, Katie! I look forward to seeing your progress!

  2. Enjoy! I guess I can stitch this weekend as I don't have any plans for going out and as such still on a bit of medical rest, so no one is expecting me to work in the kitchen as well;)

  3. Enjoy your stitching time!!!!

  4. Perfect excuse to stitch all weekend!
    I do have to work four hours on Sunday unfortunately.

  5. Enjoy IHSW and your December design:)

  6. Happy hermitting! Apart from essential tasks today I'll be joining you.

  7. I hope you are still having a lot of fun with the December snapshots.

  8. This is my type of weekends :) I am sure you had fun!


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