Dec 30, 2017

Stash, 2018 Goals, New Start for the New Year

Yesterday I finally said that's it and organized my stash. What a job! I have a storage ottoman that hubby uses for a foot stool. It was full of my oldest stash. I emptied it out and got a whole bag of trash and a large stack of things to list as giveaways throughout the year. Then I made it for the stash that I want to keep but don't need to start anytime soon.

The upper left container is designs I would like to do sometime. Of course that means I want to do them all NOW but I looked at my other tubs and realized I needed to get some of them finished first. The blue tub and the container in the front center are full of my current WIPs and new starts for very soon. The things on the floor were things I wanted to include in goals for 2018 and needed attention first. I have some of my Christmas stuff sorted and put into these but not all of it. I was spoiled rotten by Santa. I will add it later. I was already overwhelmed with never being able to anything but stitch this year haha.

So I sit down and made an official list on my computer. WOW! I have 75 things in my WIPs list. Including 15 new to start this year far. So my goal is to finish as many as possible of course. I narrowed it down to 12 Focus Pieces to save my sanity a little bit...Yeah right!

Here we go:

1. Cabin Fever - MH Kit to display in our Cabin. Got for Christmas. Not Started.

2. Camping Out - MH Kit to display in our Cabin. Got for Christmas. Not Started.

3. Christmas Celebration - Frosted Pumpkin. Hubby got me for Christmas. I seen it being worked on a the PALs retreat last year and knew I couldn't live without it. I would love to have it finished this year. Not Started.

4. Christmas Jars - Dimensions I want to finish the last 2 jars.

5. Monthly Smalls SAL - Durene Jones Calendar Using the Durene Jones Calendar for the Monthly Smalls check in. I fell in love with them watching Rachel stitch them. Not Started.

6. Halloween Sampler - Frosted Pumpkin Hubby got me for Christmas. Told Hubby I couldn't have Christmas without getting Halloween too haha. He supported my addiction. Not Started.

7. Hold on to Hope - HAED So close to finished with this one. I want to get it done and on my wall!

8. Monthly Snapshots - 5 Months to Go Need to finish up the 5 months I missed throughout the year.

9. Myrtle Beach Postcard - Erica Michaels Bought at the 2017 PALs. I really want to get this one done to remember our time at Myrtle Beach. Not Started.

10. Spring Bell Pull - Stoney Creek I want to finish this one and hopefully start another season.

11. Under the Sea SAL - 5 Months to Go I want to finish up this fun SAL.

12. You are Loved - Hinzeit Hubby got me this one for Christmas. More information about this one at the bottom of this post. It's perfect. I'm going to start it for my New Year start and hopefully finish it this year.

So what do you think? I already know I'm insane. I told my family if I buy anything at all to stitch just slap me. Those designers just keep coming out with new things though. They don't understand we need hope to catch up.....yeah right.

So my goals list needs updated at the top of my blog but I will do that later. Hubby is gone all day and I'm going to go watch TV and relax with my New Start for the New Year. I know some people will wait until New Years Day to start theirs but I'm not patient enough to do that haha. Here is a picture of the one I'm starting...
This is called You are Loved by Hinzeit. What a beautiful message. We have nice relaxing plans for the weekend so I should get a lot of stitching time. I'll be back in the new year to show you. I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful 2018. I look forward to seeing what the new year brings us all. Thanks for being a part of my 2017! I love each comment and each friend I've made because of this blog.


Kerryp77 said...

The struggle is real isn't it Katie! I spent today stash sorting. It's a lovely design you are starting and good luck with the plans for 2018

Justine said...

Great plans! I always feel like that after a clear out - I want to stitch everything that's left!
I'm so glad to see Hope on the list, she's beautiful and deserves to be hanging on your wall soon.
I'll enjoy cheering you on with your plans for 2018.

CathieJ said...

Okay, I think I need to make a list also. I don't think I have anywhere near as many WIPs as you do, but I do have my fair share. Good luck with your 2018 stitching goals.

Julie said...

Good luck with your plans for this coming year.
I lovely sentiment for your new start.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Did you say Giveaway? Need a hand with your stash unloading? LOL
Your list for the year looks really good and quite achieveable if only you resist the unscheduled new starts!

Renee said...

What a great list. (Confession: I am already clapping with delight just anticipating seeing your progress on Hold on to Hope!) Your new start is perfect!

Preeti said...

Congrats on organising your stash, that is one big task. Good luck for your stitching projects this year and hope you get lots done this year too:)

Brigitte said...

It's fun to organize our stash but also a big chunk of work to get everything sorted out. But you made it :)
Great new plans for the new year, Katie. And oh my, 75 WIPs is not a bad number, lol. Now I feel a bit left behind with my 40 WIPs, lol.
Good start on your New Year's piece.

Faith... said...

Great job on the organization! It is a big job and can take the whole day! Great focus pieces and I absolutely LOVE the "You are Loved" piece you are stitching!

Suz said...

Good luck with your plans - I think your goal list is awesome and I look forward to seeing it.

Organizing is always interesting. I lucked out and moved in the Spring of this year so I was able to put it away correctly, but we'll see if I keep it that way. Already the new purchases (and things I'd like to give away or sell) are starting to pile up in awkward places!