Feb 28, 2018

Feb WIPocalypse

Today is time for a WIPocalypse check in. The point of this fun blog SAL is to stitch all our projects before the end of the world. (Yeah right!) You can stop over to this post to see what everyone has been working on this past month. I like using this as an excuse to keep track of what I've been working on and how many days on each project. So let's see what I've been up to...

HAED Hold on to Hope -- 2 Days of work and she was FINISHED!! Here she was for the Feb check in...
Here she is now finished...
Durene Jones Calendar -- 3 Days. Started and finished up the Feb design. I'm doing these each month for the Smalls SAL. Here it is all finished up and on display already...
Spring Bell Pull -- 3 Days. I picked this one up again. Hadn't worked on it since Sept 24, 2017. Here is where I was before...
After the 3 days this time I finished up the I block and started the N block...
July Snapshot -- 6 Days. I started and finished up this monthly snapshot...
Wish Upon a Starfish -- 2 Days. I hadn't worked on this one since Nov 29, 2015! Here it was before...
Here it is now...

I have had a lot of missed days in this span. 15 no stitching days. Plans and some stress have kept me busy. Still when I do stitch I seem to make a lot of progress. So at least that helps balance it out.

We also get questions of the month. This month's question is: Gadgets!  Show us your favorite stitching gadgets! My only real stitching gadgets are like most people. I use a Q-Snap with a Q-Snap huggy to hold the extra fabric. I also LOVE my magnet board that sits beside my stitching area to hold my patterns while I stitch. The magnet board is held up by a floor stand that was given to me from another stitcher. It keeps my magnet board the perfect height and right where I need it to be. That's the only real gadgets I use.

I know I said I would be back to tell you about my weekend in my last post. I will be back. I wanted to get this post done and then I have blogs to go read. Maybe I'll even be able to pick up my stitching this evening. I haven't picked it up since Thursday. So hang in there. I'll be back...I promise....sometime haha.


  1. Congrats on the HAED finish!! And your projects are all beautiful. I’m a bit nervous about this month because I’m a minimal gadget person and I think that may go out the window soon! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Spring is looking beautiful, such a lot of work in that one. Hope is an amazing finish too.

  3. What a lovely collection of stitching, Hope is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing Spring completed

  4. Beautiful stitching projects!:) I did not know that a Qsnap huggy is for holding extra fabric. I kind of struggle with that extra fabric. May be I should get or make one.

  5. That's a good amount of progress considering you missed half the month but, like you said, it evens itself out with the amount you put in when you do stitch. Still looking forward to Hope returning from the framers! :)

  6. Great work for half a month! March is a long one so hopefully you will get more stitching days.
    Lovely to see Hold on to Hope again and the Spring Bell Pull, it's so labour intensive!

  7. That's definitely a lot of stitching. And of course a lot of progress.

  8. Great progress and a beautiful finish! I hope your stress passes soon and you can get even more lovely stitching accomplished!

  9. Great monthly progress Katie! You have been busy even if you didn't stitch every day and Hope is very beautiful.

  10. Fantastic progress on everything, HOPE looks great!
    I love that Panda, I think I need to stitch that one.
    Spring has almost sprung, yeah!

  11. Yup, Hold on to HOPE is a really beautiful piece! It was worth the time, eh? I am poised to purchase a full coverage piece and stitch it, surely due in part to seeing your persistence in stitching that one! Plus you manage to stitch on so many others... as time permits! Spring banner is so pretty--I look forward to seeing each picture! Great post! Hugs!


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