Mar 2, 2018

Fun Mail and Weekend Update

As with most of us in the blog world I just love reading other blogs and getting to know the people behind those blogs. I've been so lucky to have met some great friends because of blogging. Yesterday I got a piece of happy mail...
This beautiful postcard was made by Hand Stitched Treasure  Renee. I have enjoyed watching her progress on not only beautiful stitching but amazing crazy quilt block pieces like the one on the postcard. She had this awesome postcard made from a beautiful embellished block that she made. I'm always in awe of the fun stitches she uses to make into artwork. Thank you Renee it was sure fun to receive something in the mail from you.

Now I figured I should tell you about last weekend since this weekend is almost here haha. Sorry it's been a crazy week for our household. Can't believe it's Friday already. Yet the week has felt like a month long in places. I'm sure you all know what that feels like.

We have friends that have become family. Their son has became Jeremiah's best friend through the years. They play Xbox together online almost every day. He was turning 16 and we weren't going to let that go by without a celebration. So I gathered several other close friends, some family, and we planned a hotel party for him. Fred was able to take the day off work Friday even to extend our trip. We decided to take mom along with us so she could have some fun too. It was her first time out other than a grocery trip since her stroke. We had a blast!! They live in Michigan City (Northwest corner of Indiana pretty much). Laporte is about 20 mins from there. That's where House of Stitches is located. It is not only a wonderful online shop but an amazing in person shop too. So I always try to take a detour and accidentally visit the store when in the area haha. Here is my stash haul...
I love getting fabric from that store because they have an amazing variety. I got a beautiful piece of Bewitched for the Frosted Pumpkin Halloween Sampler. The brownish piece is called Meadowlark it's for the Christmas Celebration from Frosted Pumpkin. I like the gingerbread type of color for it. The blue on the left is called Light Blue and is for 3 Durene Jones Christmas ornaments. The lighter blue on the right is called Misty Rain and is for the Myrtle Beach postcard design from Erica Michaels. The Mill Hill kits caught mom's eye because she loves all things ocean so they got added to my basket. Two new needle packs for my smoking needles when I do stitch haha. It was a nice trip. I would have bought a ton more but I was trying to be good haha. I did keep saying I needed to go back soon though.

It ended up being a great weekend indeed. We had fun swimming and relaxing. Talking and laughing. We all had a blast and we had so much fun visiting. On the way home we stopped at Lake Michigan. You can't see land on the other side so we joke about it's just like going to the ocean only a lot closer. Plus there was a lighthouse for mom to admire.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. We have some plans tomorrow but Sunday will be filled with stitching I hope.


  1. Sounds like a great time all round (especially the shopping!) You've picked up more lovely stuff so better start using those new needles! :)

  2. Your weekend seems to have been full of a lot of fun. And even stash buying was involved. Such a great stash haul you bought at House of Stitches.

  3. I have always admired Renee's talent and creativeness. Lucky you that you received such a great gift from her.

  4. What a lovely gift to you.
    Your weekend sounds like it was great fun.

  5. Your lighthouses are so pretty! Sounds like the perfect weekend especially as you squeezed some shopping in.
    I love the post from Renee, she is so creative.

  6. Lovely gift from your friend! Enjoy your new stash! Nice to know you had a great fun with family and friends:)

  7. Such a beautiful postcard, what a nice treat to receive.
    Having fun with family and friends AND stash shopping?! Sounds like the perfect weekend, I'm glad you had a good time and that your Mom was able to enjoy it with you.

  8. Such a pretty gift from Renee.
    Sounds like a fab weekend for you all, great excursion for mom too.

  9. "Hey, let's have a party near a needlework store!" Great idea LOL

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and you got some stash too.

  10. That lighthouse is on a LAKE?? Wow! Until I really see it, the size of things doesn't really resonate with me, obviously! Glad you had a great get-together weekend with friends and family... Just the ticket to beat winter doldrums! And what a very nice gift from Renee! Hugs!


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