Mar 5, 2018

Monday Update

Hey look a Monday update on Monday what a new concept haha. This week is already a million times better than last week and it's only the start. I got more done today than all of last week.  Sometimes life can just throw us everything can't it? Hey it's a new week. We can do this!

I put 2 days of stitching last week into my You are Loved Hinzeit piece. I figured I would just wait and show you an update for the Gifted Gorgeousness update on the 15th so hang in there for that. I have something better to post about right now...

Saturday Fred and me had errands to run. We went down to my dad's to do some final measurements at our family campground. Then we went and put our down payment on our cabin for the campground. Now they will complete the work on it and it will be delivered when we have the spot prepared. We can't wait! We've loved camping at the family campground but in a tent you have to worry about it being too cold, too hot, and all the rain and storms we can sometimes get. This coming season we will be spoiled rotten in comfort. It's going to be a 12 foot x 24 foot room basically and we will have heat and AC. Perfect. We are also going to build a covered porch so we will have outside setting too. I will have photos to share later don't worry. Right now it's just the start of the plans and we are really really excited to have our little home away from home.

On the way back home my hubby took me to my LNS so I could pick up Hold on to Hope. Here she is...
 As you can see we picked out a silver shiny type frame. We thought that would help her be the focus and show off the sparkle in the fabric. I just LOVE having her hanging on the wall finally!! They did a perfect job on her. I also figured while I was there I would find a little piece to do for the upcoming Easter blog hop. I found two I liked and I asked my hubby to pick which one he liked the best. He said Why don't you get both? (I'm so lucky to have my awesome hubby!) So I got two small Lizzie Kate's to do. I started one Saturday night after getting home and pulling the threads. I was able to get the first one finished up last night...
(Finish #9) March 4th, 2018
Hop Squared from Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 28ct Cream Lugana
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Mar 3rd. Took 2 Days

It was a fun fast stitch. The other one I got was called Basket...
I will be starting it soon. I'm thinking of finishing them as cubes. I know I said I wouldn't be starting lots of new things this year. I blame Jo for hosting the fun blog hops. I just felt like a fun new piece would be best to share for the blog hop. Don't you think? So don't be too mad at me please.

Today is my hubby's 40th bday. We have fun plans this coming weekend so I'm doing the best I can to have a good week and be ready to celebrate the weekend away in his honor. I hope everyone reading this has a great week too. Maybe I'll be back soon with another Lizzie Kate finish. Now to just finish finish them before the blog hop on Good Friday.


  1. Hold on to Hope looks FANTASTIC and is framed exactly how I would have chosen I think. Well done you!
    Now, how long do we have to wait for your next HAED finish?! :)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your camping setup, it sounds great.
    Oh WOW, Hope looks fantastic and the frame is perfect. Your Hop is cute and the Basket is sweet with the bunny.
    Happy Birthday to your DH, I hope you are doing something special!

  3. Hope is beautifulšŸ’–
    How lovely to have some luxury at your favourite get away,looking forward to pictures.
    You chose two pretty designs for Jo's blog hop :)

  4. Happy 40th birthday to your awesome DH! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating.
    Hope looks amazing - just love her. You chose the perfect frame, it shows her off without detracting from your beautiful stitching. I bet you can't stop looking at her!
    Lizzie Kate designs are so pretty...I'm going to miss her so much.

  5. Happy Birthday to hubby, hope he had a wonderful day.
    HOPE looks fabulous in the chosen frame.
    Congrats on the new campground home, how exciting for you all.
    Pretty L*K's

  6. Your soon-to-be cabin sounds like such fun, Katie (and much better than sleeping in a tent, I'm sure!)... Beautiful framed finish and cute little LKs. Hope your husband had a wonderful 40th birthday (oh, does that sound young to me!!).

  7. A cabin... how exciting! Hope looks great. I remember when you started her. Congrats on your small finish. Cute, cute!

  8. Hope is beautiful. Happy Birthday to your DH, enjoy the celebrations

  9. Hope looks BEAUTIFUL and that is the perfect frame for her. She is going to be the center of attention for a long time to come. How exciting, a brand new cabin for camping! I am sure your family will really enjoy it since you guys go camping so often. Super cute new finish.

  10. Happy Birthday to Fred!

  11. Hope is looking so pretty and framed perfectly:) Congrats on the little hop finish! Belated birthday wishes to your husband

  12. Happy birthday to your husband. And hopefully you will have a wonderful birthday weekend.
    Hope looks great in the frame you chose for her. And wow, such a lovely Easter piece. The bunnies re so cute and the design would be perfect for Jo's next blog HOP!

  13. HOORAY for the framed piece! Isn't it great to get them back; I just squeak with joy!

    Your cabin sounds great. We're still waffling about picking up a little camper so we can run away sometimes. :)

  14. yup--Hope is a masterpiece!! Hugs!


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