Feb 5, 2018

Huge Celebration!!!

My end of January and beginning of Feb has not went well at all. I swear everything that could go wrong went wrong (well within reason now that I'm thinking about whining about it). So hang on a few minutes while I complain before the celebration part of this post. Mom's dish receiver went out right after mine. It was an "easy" fix though. A hard drive failure so I called to get a new receiver. I was told this and that and thought it would be fixed after we installed the new receiver. Got the new receiver and it wasn't what they said they were going to send. I wanted the newer version like I had just got in my side of our house. Called and got more this and that and realized it all just what had to be lies. Now if you want to upset me lie to me. Like everyone I think...that really bothers me. Fine. I'll deal with it. Next day we hooked it up. Guess what?? The new receiver had a major part of it that was broke. Yep ...new phone call... new lies. We had to wait 2 days for a technician to come out. Poor guy. I was worried when he got here because he was just out of classes. A newbie. But he listened and heard what I was saying which was a lot more then he even knew haha. Together (mostly thanks to me) we fixed the issue. Lots of other stress was going on and I swear there were several days I just stared aimlessly at the TV in hopes it would make me feel better. I only stitched 2 days since my last post. So Hope was not feeling very hopeful to get finished off. Friday I finally said Come on Katie....Kick this depression and get busy. I only had 337 stitches left...


Guess What?!?

She's Finished!!!!!
(Finish #6) February 2nd, 2018
Hold on to Hope from Heaven and Earth Designs
Artwork by Selina Fenech
31,276 Total Stitches 9 Pages
Stitched on 28ct Evenweave 1 Thread over 1 Complete X
Threads are 90 Different DMC as Suggested
Started on August 17th, 2012. Took 102 Days. 
Another one of my focus pieces for the year marked off. I was trying to explain to my husband last night. Yeah I'm excited but I'm kind of sad too. I will miss her. I've worked on her so long. But I have several other HAEDs to fill the void. She deserves to be on the wall on display. So the celebration is on!!! What a journey she has had. Now soon I will get her to my LNS and get her framed. 

Saturday my hubby and I took a drive to where we are getting our cabin from this spring for the campground. It was a fantastic time and hubby and me had 4 hours of driving to talk about all the issues that have been going on. I have to take better care of myself and only worry about things I can control. I know that's easy to type but I've been trying hard and already feel a lot better. It's not worth stressing myself over every little thing. Some things we really can't control and just have to breath our way through it. I'm not a good person when I let it get me down. Who is?

Yesterday hubby had a Ham radio event so I settled in for a nice relaxing stitching day. I started the next Durene Jones Calendar piece. Here is February after the first day...
Definitely a stitching filled day indeed. It felt great. Today I'm ready to start a new week. I hope everyone reading this has a great week too. Remember to love yourself and treat yourself with the respect you deserve. Big Hugs to All!


Preeti said...

Yay!! Congrats on the wonderful finish:) She is looking very beautiful! Looking forward to your next big project. Cute Calendar finish too!
It happens sometimes that all things seem to be going wrong way and we get frustrated. There is a book by Richard Carlson, 'Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff'.

Linda said...

Congrats on the gorgeous finish Katie. Love your new start.


Justine said...

Oh you know what, I'm feeling kind of sad too! I'll miss seeing your updates on Hope. She's so beautiful. I hope you get her framed and displayed soon.
I worry about anything and everything, stitching is mindfulness therapy for me. Can't worry while I'm stitching!

Clare - Aimetu said...

I'm new to your blog, what a great finish and a lovely February chart. We used to have a permenant caravan about 3 hours drive away, Hubby and I used to chat all the way about various stuff. The combination of focus time together and vacation fixes so many things- take care

Julie said...

(Big hug) Katie. It's been an emotional time recently for you, I'm not surprised you have been feeling out of sorts.
Hope is amazing .... big round of applause on such a stunner!

Faith... said...

Hope looks amazing! I am sure you will feel great once you get her up on the wall where you can see heer all the time. I am sure you will find something to stitch to fill up the stitching void!

True, you can only control you and your actions but it is natural to get frustrated when things go wrong; especially when other people's action are the reason behind the what the problem. You have had a lifetime of worrying about others (and you still will worry) but it is time to take care of Katie too!

Stitching Angel said...

Love your stitching of hope. Well done on the big finish.

Meari said...

Kudos on your finish, Katie! I remember when you started Hope. Take care of yourself and try to not to worry.

Amy said...

Wheeeeee, what an exciting finish!!! Congrats! I can't wait to see her framed.

I'm glad you're working on taking care of yourself. That's so important. *hugs*

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Woohooo!! Congratulations on the finish! I think she is quite appropriate for your current frame of mind too. Remember, Hope was found at the bottom of the box of nasties. We can cope with all the nasties because we have Hope.
Gosh, that's philosophical!

Rachel said...

Massive congratulations on your HAED finish - your Pirate Dragon 100% completed progress bar is no longer alone! I hope you're not going to leave it too long before getting her framed? She needs to be on your wall ASAP. :)

rosey175 said...

YAAAAAY! It's always so exciting to see a HaED finished. Does one like this qualify for their reward program? Although I think their window just closed for the year.

I can't tell you not to worry because that's like trying to herd cats with me. Just keep on doing what you love because it gets you through it all (though it would help if "it all" just stops on its own hah).

Brigitte said...

Good that the young man could fix the receiver issues with your help, lol. Next time you will be able to do it alone, it seems, as you are more expert than the "experts".
Congratulations on finishing Hope!!!! Some happy dances are in order :)))

Astrids dragon said...

She looks fantastic, good for you! I know the feeling of being finished and missing it.
The panda is adorable, that is one animal my DH loves!
One day at a time and being positive, I'm trying to do that too.
Happy 💖 Day!