Mar 22, 2018

2 Finishes in 2 Days = New Start

Monday I showed you the mostly finished March pillow. Tuesday I got it finished off into it's pillow finish...
(Finish #10) March 20th, 2018
March from Durene Jones Calendar
Changed up to be St Patty's Day instead of Mother's Day
Freebie available on her FB Group
Stitched on 14ct Ecru Aida
Threads are suggested DMC
Started Mar 14th. Took 4 Days.

Yesterday I got back to work and finished off the Lizzie Kate Basket piece I started on the 6th of March...
(Finish #11) March 21st, 2018
Basket from Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 32ct Ivory Jobelan
Thread are Suggested DMC
Started Mar 6th. Took 3 Days. 

I'm hoping to finish my 2 Easter pieces up as cubes for the Easter Blog Hop that Jo is hosting. Just need to get to the store to get the stuff to finish them properly. I will wait and share those finishes for the blog hop on Good Friday. 

In celebration of the 2 finishes in 2 days (and mostly because I can't wait any longer haha) guess what I'm doing today...
Starting the Ocean in a Bottle project that I just posted about in my last post. I pulled the threads last night. Look at those beautiful blues. I have decided to stitch it on 32ct Lambswool Jobelan. I like the sandy / old map kind of look of the fabric. 


  1. Very cute, cute finishes Katie!

  2. Your finishes are perfect, Katie! I love them both! Now I can't wait to see the beautiful blues started on "Message" and watch it progress.
    You are smoking' along with the finishes, my dear. High five!

  3. Both are so darling, Katie! I look forward to watching your next project grow :)

  4. Congrats on the cute finishes:) I like your fabric choice for the bottle project.

  5. Yay to both bits of news! Can't wait to see the first progress picture of your new start. :)

  6. Great finishes.Ocean in a Bottle is a lovely design.

  7. Both finishes are so lovely. And the bunny and the cat both have such a nice smile on their faces. Cute.

  8. Well, I would say you deserved a new start! But now you tempt me to buy, then start the beach one I have had my eye on!! Sigh... logic just kicked that thought out!! so fast!! Really nice little finishes! Hugs!

  9. Cute finishes Katie! Looking forward to seeing the new conspiracy stitch!

  10. Haha, I was thinking Two Finishes = 1 new start when I saw the title.
    Can't wait to see your progress on this one.

  11. Sweet little March pillow.
    Looking forward to seeing the new one starting to take shape.


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