Mar 25, 2018

March WIPocalypse

Today is a check in for WIPocalypse. This fun blog SAL has a purpose of us stitching all our WIPs before the end of the world. (Yeah right!) This would mostly work if I stop starting new stuff which I doubt I will ever do. I did however start the year with 75 WIPs and I have marked off several projects so I'm trying really I am. I like to use this SAL as a reason to keep track of what I've worked on and how many days on each project. It's nice to look back and see all the progress I've made each month. So let's see what I've been up to since Feb 28th...

You are Loved -- 2 Days
I have 8 days into this one now. My sweet hubby got it for me for Christmas this past year. Love the saying on it.

Hop Squared -- 2 Days
I started and finished this little Lizzie Kate cutie. Will be finishing it up for the Easter Blog Hop Jo is hosting on Good Friday.

Basket -- 3 Days
Also started and finished this Lizzie Kate to finish up for the Blog Hop. (See 2 new starts doesn't help with that WIP list does it? LOL)

Dragon Moon -- 2 Days
Got some more stitches added to this HAED over those two days. The part that looks not stitched in the bottom photo is Kreinik. It's beautiful but in this photo the sparkle didn't show up of course.

Durene Jones Calendar -- 4 Days
Started and finished another part of the Calendar design. So far so good keeping up with these. This one I had to really change up because it was designed for Mother's Day in the UK. I am so happy with the changes I made to make it more us with St Patrick's Day because of our Irish heritage.

Ocean in the Bottle -- 3 Days into this new start (Yep another new start not on my list haha) Going to work on this one again today and will post a WIP update tomorrow so come on back for that. My last posts show what it will look like if you are interested.

Question of the Month – What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend? I've always heard about Etsy but never bought anything from there. I have bought several patterns recently. I love being able to download the pattern and have it right away. Plus the variety available is amazing....or bad if you are trying to stick to a WIP list haha. Here are the ones I've bought from recently...

ValentiCrossStitch - bought a cool Boba Fett to do for Jeremiah (Yeah Yeah not on the list.)
Durene Jones shop - bought 3 cute Christmas pieces to do (They are on the list already so Shhh.)
CutePatternsByMaria - my newest new start (Again not on the list!) is from there and also bought another piece to do in the future...maybe.

So go check those out and see what you can find. For the Feb check in I had 15 days of no stitching. This month I had only 9 so I did a lot better in that department at least. See ya next check in. Hope we all have a lot of progress to share.


Renee said...

Katie, you have made such great progress this month. Your projects are all lovely!

Brigitte said...

Great projects you were stitching on this month.
It's always nice to get to know new designers. And there are so many newer ones out there.

Rachel said...

Your Wipocalypse updates are always such a fun read, especially as you know you're supposed to be finishing projects from your list, not buying and starting new ones! But you're doing well with both progress and finishes and having fun along the way which is what matters most, right? As for Etsy, oh, what a devil! I have quite a long wishlist but also the resolve not to make too many purchases... yet! I can give you a list of other stores you may find interesting if you wish... :)

Justine said...

What a lovely update Katie! You're working on some beautiful things and I love your LK finishes. Still can't believe she is no longer designing.

Maggee said...

Fun to see your update every month... you DO make progress, so that's something. Adding to the stash...not so good for you,'s FUN! Hugs!

Faith... said...

You got in lots of great stitching and a few finishes for March! Off to check out your links and *hoping* I don't find anything I must have!!

Preeti said...

Lovely projects! Looking forward to see your projects from new designers.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great post! I think the WIPocalypse is being kept at bay because we haven't finished all the projects yet! So keep up the good work on the new starts.
Looking forward to seeing the Easter finishes soon.

Astrids dragon said...

I love seeing your progress and of course all the finishes!