Apr 17, 2018

April YOW Update

This year I joined a new to me Facebook SAL in a group called Soulful Stitching. They have a fun SAL called YOW which stands for Year of WIPs. The goal is to finish at least half of your list. You have to have a minimum of 15 items on your list. It was too hard to pick 15 so I picked 20 things I really would love to finish this year. Throughout the year we update our progress April 18, July 18, October 18, and then December 18 or there after is a drawing for the people who have finished half and posted the updates correctly. I finished my update today on the group and figured I would share here too.

1. August Snapshot -- Not started but I do have it kitted up and ready to go...
2. Cabin Fever -- I did get one day on this Mill Hill kit since the start...
3. Camping Out -- Haven't started this Mill Hill.
4. Christmas Celebration -- Haven't started but did get the fabric bought for it.
5. Christmas Jars -- Haven't made progress on this one. -- 2 Jars Left
6. December Snapshot -- Finished this one!!
7. Durene Jones Calendar -- 4 of these finished now but I'm using them as one project...
8. Halloween Sampler -- Haven't started but bought fabric.
9. Hold on to Hope   -- Big Finish and Framed...
10. July Snapshot  -- Finished this one!!!
11. Myrtle Beach Postcard -- I have this one ready to start hopefully tomorrow...
12. Ocean of Wisdom -- Another one marked off the list...
13. October Snapshot -- No progress
14. September Snapshot -- No Progress
15. Spring Bell Pull  -- Finished up the I block and started the N block Before and After photo...
16. To the Beach -- Finished this one!!
17. Under the Sea SAL -- No progress    5 Sections Left
18. Where Stitching Meets -- No progress
19. Winter Messenger -- Another finish marked off...
20. You are Loved -- You guys have seen this one recently. But here is the Jan beginning and now YOW progress pics though...

So let's recap...
I've worked on 5
I haven't worked on 9 
I have 6 finishes!!! 

So I'm happy happy with my progress. Here's hoping I'll have even more progress for the next check in July 18th.


  1. I love seeing all that you are stitching on,it's great to have some finishes in there too;)

  2. That's a great start to the Year of WIPs! I'm not even sure how/if to update my album. My progress is pitiful and some of my chosen projects have had to be put aside for a big stitch for my Mum's 70th in September. Maybe I will just watch from the sidelines and cheer you on!

  3. Do you have the url for soulful stitching? I joined a SAL which simply requires you to post your progress every 3 weeks. It has helped me to get moving on my WIPs (as well as others). Many of the group have large projects and other have too many. I'm somewhere in the middle.

  4. So many beautiful things you have been stitching.Looking forward to seeing Myrtle beach.AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Great projects that you have on the go. This YOW seems to be so very motivating for you. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  6. Yeah, you have quite the list, but it seems to work--you have a lot of finishes and progress! Keep it up! Hugs!

  7. Lovely to see all your projects lined up like this. The beach theme is showing up nicely!

  8. You are really crossing these off with speed this year. Well done.

  9. Wow Katie, everything looks great and will look great for those you haven't started!

  10. Six finishes so far out of twenty projects puts you in a fantastic position for meeting your target by the end of the year. Keep up the good work!


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