Apr 20, 2018

It's IHSW Time!

It's the 3rd full weekend of the month which means it's IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend). The idea of it is to warn your family, grab your stitching, and stitch the weekend away while ignoring all responsibilities. Jeremiah and me watched Star Wars Force Awakens today to get prepared to watch The Last Jedi when we have time so that took most of my time so far today. But now I'm going to curl up and enjoy the rest of the day with my stitching. Fred has a radio meeting so it's TV and stitching time till bed tonight. Tomorrow we might have work at the cabin but we don't know yet. But I guarantee I will put those X's in when and if I can.

Wednesday and Thursday I started on the Myrtle Beach Postcard...
I started on the backside (the right photo above). Here is where I am now after the two days...
It's a mix of over 2 and over 1 on 36ct Misty Rain Linen with DMC threads. I don't know if I'll work on this the whole weekend or not. We'll see Monday I guess.

I also have a fun confession to make. As we all know I tend to cave easy when I see a pattern or set of patterns I really like. I know I know everyone stop laughing!! On Instagram I saw a lady post this set she just finished...
It's from a book called Sand and Sea. I found it on Amazon and added it to my wish list. I showed the picture to mom and she pointed to the spot she will display them. Seriously stop laughing. I know I've told this story before. Anyway....I told her the book would make a nice Christmas gift for me.We both agreed to wait. Then I won $30 from online survey's that I take. The book was $24.99. I giggled and said it must be proof I'm supposed to buy the book. Yesterday I won $20 more. So today I ordered the book. We all know I'm meant to....it's nautical after all...plus technically it was free so I can't feel guilty about it. I just know as do all of you...I don't need any more projects.

So if you are joining in IHSW Good luck finding time for those X's. If not have a great weekend. See ya Monday with an update.


  1. Great work on the Myrtle Beach postcard and congratulations on your "free" book too.
    I shan't tell you about the perfect design I saw in a UK magazine this week.

  2. I have Sand and sea for a long time now and haven't managed to stitch anything from it yet. I love the way this lady stitched the sampler.Maybe that's how I should make it too.AriadnefromGreece!

  3. That is so nice that you ordered the book now rather than waiting for Christmas, Katie--you'll enjoy stitching all of those cute nautical designs this summer!

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah... sure!!! We won't tell about your obsession!

  5. Well who would have guessed you bought more charts! It sounds perfect for you.
    I'm going to quit IHSW, every weekend since I joined something has happened to seriously cut down on my stitching time! This weekend I've been ill and in bed most of the weekend!

  6. Myrtle Beach postcard is such a sweet design. And hey, getting such a great book with lovely monthly designs for "free" is really a treat.

  7. Lovely stitching! Enjoy your newly earned free book:)

  8. I love the postcard so far.
    Well, the book was obviously screaming your name and it was meant to be, good for you!

  9. I would have thought of you instantly if I had seen that book and wondered if you had it.... now you do! LOL

  10. So... still no self discipline then! I've seen these charts around too and wondered why I haven't seen you stitch them. At least they'll be quick and easy and, like you pointed out, they were technically free, so no guilt involved. Now just that tiny problem of when to stitch them... :)


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